Royals Back to the Series

With Toronto’s loss I’m out of my pool but I don’t care.  This is the match up I wanted to see.  Although Granderson is my favorite player and I’d like to see him get a ring, I like the Royals too, so I don’t really care who wins this series.  I’m just looking forward to watching it.

What about this game winning run by Lorenzo Cain?  He scores from first, on a single, with nobody out in the bottom of the eighth.

2 thoughts on “Royals Back to the Series

  1. As a baseball traditionalist I’m rooting for the Mets. Good starting pitching must prevail, otherwise every team is going to think they can win like KC.

  2. I hear you Sark! I like both teams. I like the way the Royals keeping coming back. I also like what I heard on tv, that they won’t take anybody on the team with even a hint of character issues.

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