Weekend Debacle…

The Tribe completed their sweep of the Tigers on Sunday with 6-3 thrashing.

The Tigers are struggling mightily, perhaps non more than the Mighty Miggy.  Although Miggy always starts slow, the start to this season is exceptionally so.

There were two things from Sundays game that really annoyed me. First, having Miggy pinch hit with the bases loaded.  I know he was the go-ahead run but he is only hitting .210 and expecting his slow bat to produce a big pinch hit, late in the game, I think was more hope than anything else.  What does Nebraska say, “hope is not a strategy”?

Second, BA’s complaining about the the tape on the ring finger of the Indians pitcher was more desperation and frustration than anything else.  I was irritated, I thought it was un-called for and just another sign of the funk this team is in.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Debacle…

  1. This team looks eerily similar to last year. Except JV is doing ok, and Zimmerman has been an upgrade over Price, so far. The bullpen has only improved slightly.. The defense is ok, except Miggy is so slow now at 1B, and Gose takes terrible routes to the ball.. Speaking of Gose, this experiment should end.. He single-handedly cost them that big inning yesterday when he misplayed an out into a double, starting the scoring.. He took a poor route to the ball, as he most often does.. And it’s not as if his hitting should keep him in the lineup.. Actually, if not for the Salty hot stretch, and Kinsler hitting consistently, this team would be out of it by now.. As I have stated in the past, Miggy is too fat and this is affecting his bat speed and ability to hit for any power.. He also looks emotionally disinterested, or mental distracted, or both.

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