2 thoughts on “Pitching Defense…

  1. It occurred to me today… We essentially traded Smyly, AJ, and Devon Travis for Norris, Boyd, and Gose.. We lost on that one!! We also traded Ricky P for a bag of balls and Michael Fulmer.. We’ll see how that one turns out starting tomorrow night.. Mixed in with the results of the Ricky P trade is the need to go out and sign Upton and Palfrey.. Unintended consequences of a desperate owner ‘going for it’.

  2. Sark, the problem is that there is only so long he can “go for it” until the team implodes. The Freeway Ricky trade didn’t look so bad when he struggled last year but he’s off to a good start this year. I don’t know, it just seems like they spend a lot of money but not wisely. They just throw it around and hope something sticks. I guess we’ll see. the offense looks like it is waking up.

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