Angels 11 Tigers 9

This one is going to leave a mark!

Down 9-2, the Tigers offense came all the way back to tie the score at 9, then Mark Lowe entered the game.


Ok, so yesterday I was critical of Ausmus, I thought he should have taken JV out of the game in the 8th on Monday.  His pitches were up in the zone and the bottom of the order were hitting the ball hard.  However, had he gone to the pen, the result probably would have been the same.

In yesterday’s game, I don’t think there was anything Ausmus could have done.  The bullpen is an abomination and Anibal Sanchez is worse. Sanchez has to come out of the rotation, but replace him with whom?  Mark Lowe can’t come pitch in close games, if at all anymore, but what do you do with him and who replaces him?  Sanchez to the bullpen? Lowe DFA?

I’m not sure Buck Farmer is an answer to either the pen or the rotation.

This is ugly.


One thought on “Angels 11 Tigers 9

  1. If the poor performances continue I expect a managerial change. This move, however, would be made only to satisfy the buying public with hopes of reviving ticket sales by keeping the team relevant through the summer. The manager clearly sucks, but we all knew that after the first year.. The roster sucks, but we all knew that too. The owner continues to chase his tail in pursuit of winning now. The Upton signing is another example of spending lavishly just to sell more tickets. It has backfired, much in the same manner the Adam Dunn signing did for Chicago. This is a worse outcome, because Dunn at least hit a few homers while striking out at an alarming rate rate.. I mean alarming because Upton swings and misses at pitches in the sweet spot too often.. Signing Pelfrey was stunning, considering there were far better options for less money.. They’ll have to eat that one eventually.. Those two are just small problems compared to the Sanchez albatross.. It’s comical reading the media talk about his lack of confidence as benighted problem.. HaHa! How about his ‘stuff’.. He simply sucks, and no longer has the ‘stuff’ to get MLB hitters out on any consistent basis.. Moving him to the pen does no good, because his ‘stuff’ would still suck there.. He sucked when the first traded for him in 2012, and he basically had one good season in 2013. He has sucked ever since.. What more does a guy have to do to get fired? But they can’t, because they signed him to a bad contract.. One of too many on this team.. There is some promise for the upcoming seasons, but not until they come to grips with reality and unload these bad contracts.. I like Fulmer so far, though he needs to improve the changeup.. Norris showed some promise last season, though this was during garbage time of the season without the pressure.. Boyd, i’m not sure what the fascination is about him.. He reminds me of Mike Maroth or Nate Roberston.. Nothing special there.. Farmer, you can forget about him.. But we knew that when they brought him up from A ball two years ago.. Shane Greene can still turn into something, but the injuries are red flags.. Hope is not a good strategy, but until they free themselves of Palfrey and Sanchez, there is no hope anyway..

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