White Sox 10 Tigers 9

This game was like watching a train wreck.  When the Sox started chipping away I knew this game was lost.  I guess we can give K-ROD a pass, he had converted 19 in a row but this one is going to leave a mark.

I thought Brad Ausmus had a good game in the losing effort.  I liked the suicide squeeze with Iggy and Salty to extend the lead to 9-7 and I liked leaving Nick “The Quick” in the game in the late innings. There was not much he could do about the pitching, I thought he made the right moves at the right time, it just didn’t work out.

I often call Robin Ventura the dumbest manager in baseball but I have to give him and Big Game Jame Shields credit.  The Tigers were beating Big Game James into a conniption but Ventura left him in the game and he ended up giving the White Sox five innings and a chance to win.  This is the type of move that can turn Shields’ season around, not good news for the Tigers.

Anyway, Hat Tip to Robin Ventura and James Shields and Brad Ausmus.


3 thoughts on “White Sox 10 Tigers 9

  1. Sanchie pitched well that was the good news…I think I will send them a bill for my 2 team paraly Tigers/Over…and the Tribe lost…interested to see how they bounce back

  2. Agree with the train wreck comment. In slow motion.. This one was lost in the third inning.. Hard to say the offense was to blame when scoring 9 runs, however they had the perfect storm to drop a bomb on the White Sox and failed miserably.. We couldn’t take advantage of a washed-up pitcher, postage stamp strike zone, and a little league defense.. The 6-8 hitters spiked every early rally.. Case in point, JD was on base his first four at-bats, yet didn’t score once… I agree, Ausmus had a pretty good day.. K-Rod was pitching a 3rd consecutive day, which is usually not good for relievers. But who else is there?

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