Tigers 8 Mariners 7

Nice win and a needed win.  After losing the last three to Kansas City the Tigers could ill afford to lose their first game in the home-stand.

Justin Upton came through with two home runs including the walk-off in the bottom of the 12th.  If they Tigers are going to keep their heads above water they are going to need J-UP to stay hot.

Iggy scared me at short.  He made an error and almost booted another ball in the 11th.

Did anybody else notice that Upton almost missed the plate on his walk-off?


I have to tip my hat to the bullpen.  I don’t like the Tigers’ chances  battle of the pens but they pitched well tonight.

Pelfrey was bad.

2 thoughts on “Tigers 8 Mariners 7

  1. Pelfrey is probably the worst starting pitcher I have ever witnessed in MLB.. What is amazing about yesterday was winning a game he started.. That is like stealing.. And you can only steal so much before getting caught.

  2. This rotation is not looking great. I’m the first one to criticize the offense but you can’t expect them to score 5 runs every game. The problem is, that when they get good pitching, they don’t score ANY runs.

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