Tigers 5 Blue Jays 4

FINALLY!  Somebody stepped up on offense and it happened to be three rookies. For eight more innings the Tigers offense continued to look horrible.

Miggy set the tone for ineptitude in the first inning when he popped out with Davis on third and one out.  Miggy looks horrible.  He lo0ks off balance and he’s swinging at pitches I’ve never seem him swing at before.

Fast forward to the ninth inning.  The Tigers trailed 4-2 with Casey Janssen in to close the game for the Jays. Janssen has converted 92% of  his save opportunities in the last two years. J.D. lead off with a double. After Avila grounded out Castellanos tied the game with a bomb to left field.  Eugenio Suarez followed with another home run and the Tigers had the lead 5-4.

The ninth inning was not a good one for Joe Nathan but he managed to wiggle out of a bases loaded jam and convert the save opportunity.

This is only one game but other players need to step up until Miggy and Victor get straightened out, if they can get straightened out.

Ian Kinsler deserves an honorable mention. He was 3-5 with two RBIs.

Note: I’m not sure if J.D. is a rookie but I consider him one.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural