Astros 1 Tigers 0

Well, I expected the loss in the opener.  Keuchel, the reigning Cy Young winner, is excellent at home and Pelfrey was less than inspiring in his first start in a Tigers uniform.

However, Pelfrey was able to pitch out of trouble and give the Tigers an excellent chance to win. ¬†Unfortunately, the offense couldn’t do anything in Houston.

I know Miggy is a slow starter, but he looks horrible. His bat looks slow.


Astros 5 Tigers 1

Well I didn’t give the Tigers much of a chance to win this game going into it. Astros’ starter Dallas Kuechel was undefeated at home and I didn’t think the Tigers offense, even with the return of Jose Miguel Cabrera, was much of a threat to change that.

I was correct.

Alfredo Simon wasn’t good and neither was the offense.

The best offensive play came from the Astros. They executed a beautiful safety squeeze, a play I wish the Tigers would try, in the sixth to extend their lead to 4-1.

JV pitches tomorrow.

Cabrera was 0-3 with a walk and two strike outs.  He hit the ball hard his last time up but lined out to I believe short or second.