Tigers 4 Indians 2

The Tigers had chance after chance to blow this game wide open. Only in the first inning did the Tigers go out 1-2-3 but couldn’t get the big hit.

Until the 9th. Hats off to Torii Hunter. He doesn’t walk much but worked a lead-off walk in the 9th that seemed to get things started. “Fear His Awesomeness” followed with his third hard hit ball of the night ( This DH thing might be just what the Dr. ordered?). After Victor flied out, J.D. crushed a three-run homer to give the Tigers the lead for good. I think J.D. was still fuming from the bad third strike call that ended his previous at-bat. Whatever the case, the Tigers needed a big hit, and J.D. delivered.

WTF, Kyle Lobstein? He looked good in his first outing against the Yankees but didn’t strike anybody out. In fact, according to Dan Dickerson and Jim Price, he had only one swing and miss. Yesterday was a different story. He struck out 10 Indians in 5.1 and allowed only two runs. Its amazing how much better a few wins makes me feel.

Tigers 7 White Sox 1

JV lasted seven innings and gave up only one run. He was in trouble early in the game but managed to escape relatively unscathed.

I can’t complain about the offense. They scored seven runs and did it with no help from Miggy. Miggy was 0-5 and his batting average is down to .301. Isn’t it time to give him some time off? I hate to say it, but he’s not really doing anything to help the team win, so put him on the 15 day DL and see if he can get healthier. As far as I’m concerned, the Tigers don’t have much to lose.

For what it’s worth, I wonder if JV can get his ERA under four by the end of the year. It sits at 4.68 right now. He’ll need another September like he had last year. I’m not sure if he still has it in him but we’ll see.

The Royals lost to the Indians. The Tigers are only a half game out.