Granderson Robs Sizemore!

I just had to post this video.  As most of you know, Curtis Granderson is my favorite player.  And while I think the trade that sent him to the Yankees has worked out well for the Tigers, he’s still my man.  It is sort of the same thing as growing up a Tiger fan but have Reggie Jackson as my favorite player.

The video below is of Curtis Granderson robbing Grady Sizemore of a home run in Cleveland with Justin Verlander on the mound.  I’m pretty sure this was in 2009 but I could be mistaken.

Curtis is still recovering from surgery on his pinky.  Hopefully, for the Yankees, he’ll return after the All Star break.

Just a little note.  The first time I remember watching baseball was during the 1977 World Series.  My Mom was a baseball fanatic.  My Dad was working nights and my brothers and sister were already in bed.  My Mom let me stay up with her and watch.  It was game six, October 18th, 1977.  I watched Reggie hit three home runs on three consecutive pitches from three different pitchers.  After that, I was hooked and Reggie was my man.

Anyway, I can’t sleep and I have a cold so felt like sharing this.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural