The Astros had a 0.0 TV rating

The most profitable team in MLB history has a 0.0 television rating for their game against the Indians on Sunday.

From the CBS Houston:
2013 Houston Astros

The Houston Chronicle explains that it doesn’t necessarily mean that there wasn’t one person who tuned in, it just means that not a single, solitary Nielsen household tuned in to watch the Astros.

“There are a couple of asterisks involved here, of course,” the Houston Chronicle explained. “For one thing, Nielsen persists with the statistically supportable but still head-shaking concept that it can measure what millions of television viewers are watching by monitoring the behavior of hundreds.”

So what was it?

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“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

What team is on pace to become the most profitible baseball team in history?

2013 Houston Astros
If you answered the Houston Astros, you’d be correct.

From Deadspin courtesy of Nebraska:

“The big benefactor is TV money. Regional sports networks aren’t just for successful or popular teams anymore! The Astros, Rockets, and NBC launched CSN Houston last fall, and the deal pays the Astros a whopping $80 million a year—on par with the Red Sox, Mets, and Rangers, and ahead of every team except the Dodgers, Angels, and Yankees. It’s been argued here and elsewhere (though it’s far from unanimous) that the TV rights bubble can’t continue to swell indefinitely, but no matter the long-term, the Astros got in before it popped.”

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural