and horrible and any other negative adjective you can think of is the only way to describe the Dodgers’ win over the Mets tonight.  I don’t care what the television commentators say, Chase Utley’s take out of Rueben Tejada was a nasty play by a nasty player.

As far as I’m concerned the Dodgers are a team of jackasses managed by jackass.

Rueben Tejada has a broken leg. His season is over. Who do the Mets see about that?

Calling Utley’s undercut a “hard slide” is an insult to the game of baseball.  If that slide had won the Tigers the World Series it would have ruined if for me.  I don’t believe in winning at any cost or the ends justifying the means. The next time that turd Utley steps to plate in this series the Mets pitcher, whoever it is, should give him some high heat and then drill him.  I can’t believe the umpires let that puke and the Dodgers get away with that.

Speaking of the umpires, the balls and strikes calling, in the entire postseason has been an abomination.  This is the best that MLB can come up with? Geez!!