Jason Grilli, A Jackass, In his own words

For those of us that remember Jason Grilli as a Tiger, a few things come to mind:

  1. First, how did he stick around for so long:
  2. Second, despite his recent success, is his career worthy of an autobiography?

I can’t answer the first one but the answer to question two is, apparently Grilli thinks it is. He’s written one, “Just My Game”.

I always had the feeling that Grilli was a bad guy but didn’t really care after the Tigers sent him out of town.  However, Charlie Wilmoth, at SB Nation wrote a review of ‘Just My Game’ and confirms my suspicions.

If you needed any more evidence of what a Shit Bird Grilli is, apparently, his agent is non other than Gary Sheffield.  While Grilli could be classified as a shit bird, Sheffield would have to be included among the ranks of Shit Dogs.

I’ll never forget the conversation that took place when the Tigers told Grilli he was done with the Tigers.

Dave Dombrowski: Jason we’ve decided to go move our club in a different direction and you don’t fit into our plans.

Jason Grilli: What are you talking about?

DD: (Giggling under his breath.) We somehow convinced Colorado to take you off of our hands.

JG: What are you talking about?

DD: Here’s your bus ticket, report to the Rockies tomorrow.

JG: What are you talking about?

DD: You blow! You’re out of here.  You’re uncle in Colorado has agreed to take you off of our hands.

JG: (Furious, confused, slamming his glove on desk.) Who are you getting in return.

DD: (Giggling.) Well, here’s the thing Jason, sometimes deals add to a ball club by subtraction.  Colorado isn’t sending anybody here.  Mr. I owes your Dad a favor and got Colorado to give you a shot so we wouldn’t have to send you to the Mongolian Pygmy league.  See, it is addition by subtraction.  The Tigers get rid of you and are automatically a better team.

JG: I don’t understand?

DD: What’s not to understand?  You have a 4.31 ERA and there is no situation we can bring you into where we have any hope of success.

JG: This is bullshit.

DD: So is your pitching.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural