Who said…

…the negro should be accepted wholeheartedly and not grudgingly. The negro has the right to play professional baseball and who’s to say he does not.”

If you answered, Ty Cobb, you would be correct.

Apparently, the first time Cobb was asked about race was after he retired in 1953, when a reporter for the Sporting News asked him what he thought about the integration of the Texas League.

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Gene Strenzel was born in 1935 and remembers attending the 1951 All Star Game with his grandfather at Briggs Stadium.  He saw “The Georgia Peach”, Tyrus Raymond Cobb, throw out the first pitch and he saw George Kell and Stan Musial hit home runs.

For most Americans the love of baseball is something you’re born with.  It is passed down from generation to generation.  For me, baseball was passed down to me from my Mother.

It all started with game 6 of the 1977 World Series.  I was watching the game with my Mom.  I watched Reggie Jackson hit three home runs on his last three swings.

I was hooked.

Reggie was my man.

Baseball was my game.

Baseball had been passed down to another generation.

On October 7th, 2013, Gene Strenzel attended game four of the American League Division Series with his daughter Jill and Jill’s daughters Elli and Jodi.  Three generations of one family taking in an important baseball game.

Baseball is passed down to another generation.

Here are some photos of their experience.

Jill_daughtersJill_family Jill_family_1 Jill_sign

Gene Strenzel Jill_family2

“It isn’t heaven but it’s pretty darn close.” -Ray Liota

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

Life is a ballgame

I just finished watching the move Cobb for the first time and it was fantastic.  I can’t believe it took me this long to see it.

At the end of the movie, while the credits were rolling, this song was being played.  I loved it and thought I’d share it.

The title of the song is The Ball Game by Wynona Carr.

The Ball Game by Sister Wynona Carr
Life is a ball game
Bein’ played each day
Life is a ball game
Everybody can play

Yes you know, Jesus standing at the home plate
He is waiting for you there
You know, the life is a ball game
But you’ve got to play it fast

The first phase is temptation
You know the second phase is sin
The third phase tribulation
If you pass, you can make it in

Old man Solomon is the umpire
And Satan pitchin’ a game
He’ll do his best, strike you out
He playin’ just the same

You know, Daniel’s up to bat first
You know, he pray three times a day
Yes Satan pitched him a fast ball
But he hit it anyway

Yes you know, Job is up to bat next
Satan’s struck him in every way
But Job hit a home run
And he came on in that day

Yes you know, prayer is a strong bat
To hit at Satan’s ball
And when you start to swing it
You got to give it your all and all

Yes you know, the priest gonna be your catcher
And on him you can depend
Oh Jesus standing at the home plate
And He is waiting for you to come in

Yes you know, Moses is on the sidelines
Waiting to be called
You know, the day he parted the Red Sea
Little price all and all

Then John came in the ninth inning
And the game was almost done
Then God gave John a vision
And he knew we’d already won

Yes you know life is a ball game
Being played each day
You know life is a ball game
Each and everybody can play

Yes you know, Jesus is standing at the home plate
He is waiting for you there
Well you know, life is a ball game
But you’ve got to play it fast

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural