Top Players By Uniform Number…


Note: I didn’t know WAR (Wins Against Replacement) was the new, single, stat that determines a players production?

3: Babe Ruth (183.7 WAR): Ruth first sported his No. 3 jersey — based on his spot in the batting order — in 1929 when the Yankees helped usher uniform numbers into the mainstream. He sported the No. 3 on his jersey over each of the next six seasons with the Yankees, before also keeping it with the Boston Braves for his final big league season in 1935.
Other notables: Jimmie Foxx (97.4), Alan Trammell (70.4), Frankie Frisch (70.4)

6: Stan Musial (128.1 WAR)
Other notables: Al Kaline (92.5), Sal Bando (61.4)

9: Ted Williams (123.2 WAR)