A Note on Jim Leyland…

I think it’s time for a change.  But I don’t blame Jim Leyland for the Tigers’ woes.  I think JL is a good manager and is doing the best he can with what he has.  But the Tigers need a spark and I don’t see it coming from elsewhere.

For me, it is World Series, or bust.  After 29 years, nothing but a championship will satisfy me.  I guess I’m hoping the Tigers can “catch lightning in a bottle”, similar to the way the 2003 Florida Marlins did.  After being in last place after 38 games, the Marlins fired manager Jeff Torborg and replaced him with 72 year-old Jack McKeon.  The Marlins went on to win the World Series.

I do take exception with the way Leyland is reluctant to sit “proven” players, the way he keeps putting Martinez in the 5th spot everyday despite hitting .232 with little power, for example.  But the Tigers are not struggling because of JL.  They are struggling because the bullpen is borderline horrible and the offense only plays 6 innings.

Sometimes I feel like after the offense starts out well, everybody thinks, ‘I did my job this game, let someone else do it now’.  Even Cabrera and Fielder don’t seem to have good at bats late in games.

I guess for all of my complaining a 5 game winning streak will probably get me back on the bandwagon.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “A Note on Jim Leyland…

  1. I’ve been saying for a few years now that JL is not the right guy to take this team to the next level. It doesn’t mean he isn’t a decent manager, just not for this team. He manages his players for the very long term by giving guys days off and trying to keep them fresh and lower the risk of injury. He also plays guys to hit their way out of slumps. While these are admirable qualities, they do not put this team in the best position to WIN NOW. Which is the task for this year.

    What they really need for the present, to win it all this year, is a Billy Martin type of manager. A guy that players absolutely hated, but he got the most out of them. He didn’t care about hurt feelings and making sure everyone is happy. It can be argued that Martin had great players, and that is why he won. I say the Tigers have some really great players, and the current status is not acceptable.

    If they think they can just turn it on at the end, they better be careful. Without the White Sox tanking last year….

    There is still hope, but the remainder of this road trip could get ugly. Hope not!

  2. “The remainder of this road trip could get ugly.”……….yes it could..pivotal? After we get home there are 16 games left with the White Sox and 7 with the Indians. So season ticket holders here is what happens second half. Fact is they can’t figure out how to fix the pen in 80 games well they won’t fix a management team during the All Star Game…so IF we come home as far back or farther as they were up when they left well then……….repeat after me “within striking distance” & “look at the schedule” cause you will hear/read that a lot. Either the Tigers want it more than the other guys or you can pick up your paycheck… it can slip away real quick. I don’t want to be “within striking distance” Let’s see who want’s it! Yes Sark there is still hope………and a guy that looks like Santa! P.S. Your season tickets are paid for no refunds.

    • KN,
      I guess I look at everything through a PRISM of World Series win or bust. I know it may not be rational, but remember who you are communicating with. 🙂

      I figure 29 years plus sitting through the 2003 season, when you, Al, and I were the only ones at home games, I’m not too hard on myself for being so demanding of the Tigers.

      But, as always, you are correct. And, like I said, a nice little winning streak and I’ll be back on the wagon.

      Hopefully, it starts tonight.

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