Baseball and Witchcraft?

Has anybody else seen this video?

Apparently, during a recent Cubs/Brewers television broadcast, witchcraft symbols were shown on screen coming back from a break.

These symbols seem to be linked to former MLB pitcher and current Cubs announcer, Jim Deshaies, who admits to dabbling in witchcraft.

I was wondering if anybody else out there saw the live broadcast to corroborate what is seen in the video.

I’ll classify this under WTF?

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

One thought on “Baseball and Witchcraft?

  1. I did not see this however now I understand…….you see we are in the process of trading Rick Porcello for John Axford and with the six game suspension and this coming from Milwaukeee and it’s on the internet you all know what that means………so I am off to find a bridge and practice jumping!

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