A Pulse?

The Tigers rallied tonight beating the Blue Jays 7-6 on an 8th INNING, MANUFACTURED RUN.

It didn’t look good early.  The Blue Jays ambushed Doug Fister and the Tigers for 6 runs after their first 13 batters.

The Jays scored 4 runs in the bottom of the first and it looked like a short night for Fister and the Tigers.  But the Tiger offense stormed back with 6 in the top of the 2nd to to take the lead, a lead that was short lived.

Doug Fister gave up a two run homer to Colby Rasmus in the bottom of the 2nd and it was looking like the same old story.  However, Fister settled down and shut the Jays out for the next 4 innings.  His final line doesn’t look good, but he was able to go 6 and give the Tigers a chance to win.

And, finally, in the 8th inning the Tigers did something they rarely do.  Not only did they score after the 6th, they actually manufactured the run.  Infante singled and went to second on a sacrifice bunt from Alex Avila.  Infante then went to third on a long fly ball off the bat of Austin Jacskon.  Torii hunter then beat out an infield single and the Tigers had manufactured the go-ahead, winning run.

Alburquerque, Smyly and Benoit pitched the 7th, 8th, and 9th respectively, allowing no runs and giving the Tigers a much needed win.

A loss would have been their 4th in a row and 7th out of 8, but it was not to be.

Thump Thump.  Thump Thump. Do you feel a pulse?

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

5 thoughts on “A Pulse?

    • Agreed, but remember what happened the last time JL asked A Squared Money to bunt? He bunted into a 2-5-3 double play!

      See what I mean Paul!

  1. Well I saw two things…….the first inning the ball off Fielder some things don’t show up in the box score Fister was better than that line looked. IMO. Second JL has his pen “set” the way he wants. I just do not believe there is a closer out there period. The Kittys have to solve this in house period and I hope that was a good step to win a one run game late.

    • a few more observations, it appears to me that Fielder hits a lot of hard line drives that get caught in the outfield. Does that appear to you?

      Also, Bruce Rondon looks like a young Bartolo Colon..

  2. Well with that big frame and that uppercut swing Prince don’t hit anything soft. As for Rondon yea he looks like a young Colon physically whom he pitches like? My jury is still way out I do know that if he can control the triple digit pitch and at LEAST ONE OTHER PITCH..well then they got something. Just look at TCH!


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