JV Looking Good

Happy Independence Day everyone! I wanted to thank you all for reading my blog and commenting! I really appreciate it!

I missed the game yesterday because my flight to Vegas was delayed. But from the numbers, things looked good.

Alex Avila, aka A Squared Money, had 2 hits including a home run and Max is now 13-0.

More importantly the Tigers are on a 2 game winning streak with JV looking good today.

I’m watching the game in the Paris Sports Book.

I saw Hunter was pissed yesterday but couldn’t hear what happened? Did he think they were throwing at him?

Nebraska, I have the hockey futures, I’ll give you a call or an email tomorrow.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs / The Natural

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2 thoughts on “JV Looking Good

  1. Actually Hunter was pissed off about the Rasmussen slide into second that injured Infante. He went in late and with spikes high. I look for retaliation today, but not with JV, otherwise he gets suspended. If Rasmussen comes up in the 9th I wouldn’t be surprised if a sacrificial lamb, such as Phil Coke plunks him.

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