Back on the Bandwagon…

Even with the loss today, I’m back on the bandwagon.  After losing 6 of 7 the Tigers won five in a row and everything looked good.  Good starting pitching, good offense, good bullpen.

Today, Fister got roughed up and the Alburquerque was a boon but I like how the Tigers battled back to tie the game after falling behind early.

What’s even more impressive is that the offense scored late, 2 in the 7th then three in the 8th.  Unfortunately one third of an inning from Alburquerque prevented the Tigers from six in a row and a road, sweep of the Indians.

I had planned to write about each game this weekend, while I was in Vegas, but my bluetooth key board for my iPad ran out of juice and I didn’t have the charger for it.

On a different note, was anybody else a little surprised that JV made the All-Star team?

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Back on the Bandwagon…

  1. I was surprised by the JV pick until I read this morning that it was JL’s call. He snubbed the guy from Tampa. I don’t know if any of it matters cuz JV probably won’t be eligible to pitch in the ASG as he is pitching next Sunday. So picking him seems mostly symbolic.

    Good road trip, no matter what happens tomorrow. And good they finally did something noteworthy in the late innings. Today was mostly good, except for some very poor at-bats by Fielder, Martinez and Peralta. And Fister is not looking sharp at all in recent starts.

    Hope Vegas was good to you!!

  2. Sark, Vegas was Vegas! I was excited to go and happy to come back!

    A win tomorrow would really make this road trip. 7-4 seems so much better than 6-5.

  3. Well some good things……..the tigers came back in the late innings and the bad well AA showed rookie nerves. With Downs on the DL they are going to need some people to stand up. Sark you are right to many LOB. If you are going to play in October you are going to need some come from behind wins. That said regardless of what happens Monday we still lead the division and have lots of games left with the White Sox so I still don’t think the ice cubes stand a chance…

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