Today’s Game Sucked…

that’s the only way I can describe it.  It was lack luster from beginning to end.  Perhaps it was just one of those days.

The really shitty part is that the Tigers lost 2 out of 3 to the White Sox, at home, and see their lead over the Indians fall to 2.5 games.  This series is almost as bad as getting swept by the Angels a few weeks ago.

Victor continued his torrid pace, Miggy hit a homer and so did Tui.  Which begs the question, why can’t Tui play the whole game.  Does he always have to bring Dirks in late?  For what purpose?  Dirks isn’t hitting and the last time I checked nobody is going to mistake him for Willie Mays in the outfield.  Let Tui play the whole game.

The killer, obviously, was the grand slam Sanchez allowed to Josh Phegley in the 6th.  The Tigers did have their chances to come back but just couldn’t do it today.  Oh well, it is hard to complain about the offense lately.  They can’t be expected to score 7 every game. (Or can they 🙂 )

On the bright side, Victor had another 3 hits today raising his average to .260.

Also, what is the story with Evan Reed?  He made another throwing error today.  Going from memory alone, I believe he has made 3 or 4 errors in his short time in the big leagues.

The Rangers come to town tomorrow.  The Tigers need a good start from Fister.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “Today’s Game Sucked…

  1. I think the title says it all period. As far as I an concerned two White Sox losses were because we pushed a starting pitcher to far end of story. The AA meeting went ok. Things did not go better with Coke. I think they know what holes to plug…I hope they can find some corks!

    • Nebraska,
      I guess I didn’t realize the daggers were out for Coke. I was just in the car listening, against my better judgement because I hate everybody on that station except Wojo, to 97.1 and they want Coke out of here. I guess I can’t really disagree but he’s a left hander. Perhaps if they start using him as a one batter reliever, he can get some confidence back.

      I really don’t know. I wanted Victor out of town a few weeks ago, now look at him. Perhaps I should write a “Coke Should Go” entry, and he’ll get back on track? 🙂

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