I Was Wrong About Victor….

it looks like I was too quick to pull the plug on Victor Martinez.  Since I wrote my Why Victor Must Go...post he has shoved those words down my throat.

And his tear continued tonight with 3 more hits, another RBI, and has raised his average to .254.

There was a lot to like about tonight’s 8-5 win over the White Sox, not the least of which is the fact that all eight Tiger runs, were scored with two outs.

Ricky looked pretty good.  He went six innings, struck out six, walked none, and allowed three earned.  Ricky’s era is down to 4.80

Smyly and Benoit were good out of the pen.  The only rough spot was that Bruce Rondon got roughed up a bit in the 7th.

Here’s an observation, the next time you hear a Tiger broadcaster say, “Rondon has nothing left to prove in the minors.”, strap yourself in, he’s going to start getting shelled.  Tonight, on queue, after Rod Allen uttered those words, Gordon Beckham hit a home run.

A win tomorrow afternoon would be nice.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “I Was Wrong About Victor….

  1. Could not agree more about Rondon… Today he was throwing 97-98 mph, but in Cleveland the gun showed 102 consistently. Mario astutely pointed out to Rod Allen that he thought the gun in Cleveland was reading high on everyone. But Allen was convinced otherwise that the guns were accurate because his boy Rondon was able to hit 102 all the time… yeah right? When will we be treated to a real Tigers pitching prospect that can come in and throw strikes out of the bullpen. Beyond Smyly I haven’t seen one in years.

    Perhaps Porcello will become the next closer. The guy does nothing but throw strikes, and his ability the first time through a lineup is lights out. I personally think he is more suited as a starting pitcher and the day will come when it all comes together for him. I like that his velocity is up this year.

    As long as the Tigers bludgeon teams to death with hitting outbursts like today, then we don’t have to worry as much about the woeful bullpen. Good win today!

  2. Three things 1. The next time you hear ANYONE say Rondon has nothing left to prove in Toledo…..remind them he ain’t in Toledo no more and slap em if you want. 2. That said Rondon wobbled however he did not fall. We are watching this kid grow up one pitch one game at a time kinda scary/fun. 3. If you listened to JL last night he made a very strong point that there were other people in the pen that WILL pitch and MUST step up Smyly & Benoit were not going to pitch every game. So get ready to go to an AA meeting and hope things go better with Coke. Sark your right good win hope they can build on it! If you want an interesting read dig around the sports section of the FREEP and find the Jack Morris piece on how JV’S world will change as he ages. Go Bluejays!

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