Porcello, Perez Lead Tigers Past White Sox

Ricky Porcello pitched 7 scoreless innings and Hernan Perez had two hits including a triple to pace the Tigers to a 6-2 win tonight in Chicago.

After the first inning, Ricky looked strong.  He recorded 9 ground ball outs, walked 3 and struck out 1.

I was a little worried in the first as I thought Porcello was getting squeezed on the inside corner to lefties and the outside corner to righties.  In the bottom of the first with two out, Alex Rios singled and stole second.  Then it looked like Ricky struck out Adam Dunn but didn’t get the call and Dunn went to first base.  The same corner gave Porcello problems when Konerko was at the plate.  Konerko walked to load the bases.  At this point Porcello could have come unglued but held it together and got Jeff Keppinger to ground out 5-3.

From then on, Porcello really didn’t face anymore trouble.  He left the game after 7 innings and 93 pitches.  Keep in mind that he threw 25 pitches in the first inning.

Al Alburquerque came on in the 8th and retired the Sox 1-2-3.  Leyland sent him back for the 9th and he walked the first two batters he faced.  This brought Benoit into the game who gave up a two run double to Konerko but retired Keppinger, Gillaspie and Viciedo to end the game.

A few things have me scratching my head.

  1. Tuiasosopo started and was replaced by Dirks again. I heard Leyland in an interview say he was trying to protect Tui from getting “eaten up” by a tough right handed pitcher.  But what about Dirks?  He’s not exaclty tearing the cover off of the ball.
  2. If Benoit is the closer, why is he being brought in when the score is 6-0?  The only thing I can think of is that Leyland wants him to get used to pitching the 9th.
  3. Jackson and Fielder are struggling.  If those two don’t hit, the Tigers can be in a lot of trouble.
  4. What is going on with Alex Avila?  I had hope after his 3 hit game a few nights ago and he did have two walks today but his other at bats were horrible.  He got caught looking both times and seemed like he didn’t have a clue on what was going on.
  5. It looks Alburquerque is a one inning pitcher.  When he came out for the ninth he couldn’t find the strike zone and this seems to be his MO.
  6. The Tigers need Miggy back.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Porcello, Perez Lead Tigers Past White Sox

  1. Chris,
    I agree with the oddity of the decision to bring in Benoit. Pretty bush league in my opinion from a manager who will need Benoit to record a real save Wednesday night, and then tell us Benoit is unavailable to pitch on Thursday, because it would be three straight days. Why couldn’t Putkonen come in? Couldn’t he get three outs before giving up six runs? Even in victory, this manager can drive us nuts!!

    I also agree if Fielder doesn’t hit they’re in trouble.. Hoping for a quick recovery for Miggy!!

    • SARK, “then tell us Benoit is unavailable to pitch on Thursday, because it would be three straight days”. EXACTLY!!!!! Is he the closer or not?

  2. Well I think you are both about 200% right. As far as the move to pull AA walk two and one swing puts you in Slam reach. That’s as far as I can get into the JL thought process. Sark you and Crippy got it! He had other options and yes Benoit unavailable on Thurs will force him to do what COULD have been done tonight. “This manager can drive us nuts!!” Do you eat more or less pizza when you go nuts? We play the Sox eleven more times and………at this moment SEA is 4/3 over CLE! Let’s hope! (and yes I know hope it’s not a strategy just don’t tell Jimmy)

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