Tigers Lose 7-4. Dirks Embarrassing!

JV wasn’t great but he deserved better than what happened to him this afternoon.

The story of this game was written in the 4th inning. The Tigers scored 2 in the top of the 4th to tie the game at 2, but the White Sox came back in the bottom with 4 runs, thanks largely to the efforts of Tiger left fielder Andy Dirks. Dirks’ play in left field, makes ex-Cleveland left fielder Albert Joey Belle, look like a gold glover.

With one out and two on, White Sox catcher Tyler Flowers hit a 92 mph JV change up hard to left field that Andy Dirks completely misplayed. In fact, it looked like the ball went off of his glove, but miraculously, the official scorer gave Flowers a double and an RBI.

If Dirks makes the catch off of the bat of Flowers, Verlander and the Tigers probably get out of the inning still tied at two.

The Andy Dirks love affair has to come to an end.  He’s in a platoon role right now and I think that is too much playing time for him.  He’s not hitting much to speak of, he was 0-4 today with 2 strike outs, and his fielding is atrocious. I won’t even mention his pathetic attempt at a catch in the bottom of the second off of the bat of Conor Gillaspie.  All I can say is WTF?

IMHO, give Tui the left field job and let him play until he plays himself out of it. If/when that happens, bring Avisail Garcia back up and repeat the process. Let him play until he proves he can’t. Last time I checked, Avi was hitting over .400 in Toledo.

Next, when Infante comes back, Santiago has to go. He is an automatic out and adds no value. Let Perez back up Infante. On top of not hitting, Santiago can’t even move runners over with a productive out. He is absolutely on my last nerve now.

I understand that everyone is trying their best and nobody wants to suck but Dirks and Santiago have become embarrassing. The least Leyland and the Tigers can do is show some consideration for the fans by not running these shit birds out there on a regular basis.

This afternoon’s game was a shitty way to end this Chicago series.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

10 thoughts on “Tigers Lose 7-4. Dirks Embarrassing!

  1. Well I now understand why Smokes puts Dirks in as a “defensive replacement” Dirks is “scrappy” and skipper “likes” scrappy! That’s not a right/left matchup. That said Crippy I am with you Santiago is in a contract year and he has proved to me he can’t come off the bench (like Tui) he needs regular time to play himself into shape and it ain’t here! JV deserved better however something just don’t smell right…..how many more starts until you say the KING has no cloths?

    • I’m about ready to say the ‘King has no cloths’. I’m not making excuses for JV. If you really look at that Flowers at bat, he wasn’t even close to catching up the fast ball. In fact, the first strike looked like he swung after the ball was in Pena’s mitt. So what does JV do, he takes 5 MPH off of it so he can catch up with it. Then to add insult to injury, he gives up a homer to the guy later. Flowers is the 9 hitter. JV is supposed to be the ACE WTF? NOW ALL THAT BEING SAID, DIRKS IS AN ABOMINATION!!!!!!!! HOW WAS THAT NOT AN ERROR?


  2. Thank heavens I didn’t watch this one! I shouldn’t complain about winning 3 out of 4 in any road series. However, when it’s your ‘Ace’ that spiked the winning streak that leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

    I agree Dirks isn’t the answer in LF, and I’ve said so since they anointed him in spring training. I still would love to see a trade for Granderson and move him to LF. He is a FA at the end of this season (I believe so), and the stankees should be looking to unload payroll. Even though he has been hurt most of the season I think he could put up big numbers for a short span of two months. I know I’m dreaming, but I remember dreaming about a trade of Kemp for Lemon, and next thing I know it actually happened.

    Something is not right with JV. I think it’s more mental than anything. With all the talk of breaking up with Kate Upton (if that actually ever happened?) having an emotional affect on him, what about the remorse he is feeling about breaking up with his long-time girlfriend in order to satisfy his ego of being part of that whole celebrity crowd. He should be absolutely dominating teams like KC and Chicago… Just a thought….

    • Sark, I’m not making excuses for JV but he should have only been charged with 3 ERs. I don’t have the words to describe the atrocities Dirks committed in left today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse defensive play by one person, in one game in my 40 years of watching baseball. Plane and simple, Dirks BLOWS! What really drove me crazy is how could the official scorer not give him an error in the 4th.

      Regarding JV, I don’t know any more than anybody else. All I’m doing is connecting the dots i know of. I think he “sold his soul” to go out with Kate Upton and live that celebrity lifestyle. And dumped a girl, who is hot by the way, that he’s known since he was a little kid. I’m no expert this is just conjecture, perhaps he got what he wanted and realized what he wanted was an illusion? Who knows, but he is not what he once was.

      As for Dirks, he’s not Scrappy, he’s Crappy. He’s not a has been because he never was. I’m sick of this irrational love affair with this doofus!!

    • Ohhh, and I would love to see Curtis back here in left. Curtis could have played better with his broken leg than Dirks played healthy. Me sitting out in left in a lawn chair would have been better defense than Doofus running around out here like a jack ass!!!!!

      How was he not given an error in the 4th?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

      HE BLOWS!

  3. Well when you are 15 games out you need all the hits you can get….as far as left field and Grandy goes……..if we can take a 20 year old kid with no big league experience and make him our closer that tells me left belongs to Castellanos and his 279 average…maybe we should ask Mr. Kaline about that?

    • Nebraska, if I’m not mistaken, it was Mr. Kaline that told the Tigers to get Garcia to the big leagues last year. The story I heard, perhaps from you(?) was that the Tigers sent Kaline to Eerie to see if Castellanos was ready. When he watched a game or two he called DD and said Castellanos is not ready but you need to bring Garcia up now.

      In any case, my blood pressure went through the roof today. Verlander was able to pitch around the Dirks folly in the second but the abomination in the 4th was too much.

      That being said, my track record isn’t the greatest. Remember, I was on the Alex Avila bandwagon, when the bandwagon was first assembled.

      Remember this post, http://flashinleather.mlblogs.com/2010/03/02/alex-avila-the-future-of-the-detroit-tigers/?

      I’m just a frustrated fan that wants this 29 year drought to end. I don’t see Andy Dirks as a an asset that can help the Tigers accomplish this task. Or Sanitago for that matter. Or Avila. (I never thought I’d be saying that.)

  4. You lost all credibility when you wanted to know why Avasial Garcia isn’t on team right now……………uh, hello? McFly? Do you even follow the Tigers?

    Garcia was traded at the deadline. It’s how they got Iglesias. Wow I guess anyone can get a blog and start ripping people. Not sure what’s more funny here, how mad you are about Dirks (whose rated above average defensive player at both defensive metric sites) or the Garcia comments? You can’t make this stuff up, LOL.

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