Tigers Lose Game and Series…

in the Bronx.

The Tigers lost this afternoon to the Yankees 5-4 and lost the weekend series 2 games to 1.  This was a terrible series to lose.  The Yankees have been struggling and the Tigers surging. but the Tigers found a way to lose two games.

Justin Verlander was, ok, not great, not terrible. He pitched 7 complete, allowed 4 runs on 4 hits, struck out 9 and walked 1.  JV was not lights out but his offense didn’t pick him up today.  The Tigers as a team left 23 runners on base.

Austin Jackson made another crucial base running error in the 8th inning.  With the score 4-2, Jackson was on first base with one out.  Torii Hunter followed with a long fly ball that Yankee center fielder, Brett Gardener, flashed some leather on. He made a fine running catch and crashed into the wall. He was momentarily hurt and unable to throw the ball in.  As a result, he shoveled the ball toward the left fielder Alfonso Soriano.  For some reason, Jackson never went back to first base and got double off leaving Miguel Cabrera in the on deck circle.

Miggy struck in the 9th.  He lead off the 9th with a solo shot off of Yankee closer Mariano Rivera.  After Prince lined out softly to third, Victor stepped up and hit a solo homer to tie the game.  Unfortunately, Brett Gardner homered off of Jose Veras in the bottom of the 9th to win the game for the Yankees.

Even with the late inning heroics, you can’t leave 23 runners on base and expect to win baseball games.  The Tigers have a gaping hole in left field and need to figure out a way to fill it, at least partially.  Matt Tuiasosopo played today and he seems to have cooled off but you can hardly blame him.  He hasn’t played much in the last two weeks as Tiger manager Jim Leyland was suffering from Dirksburger Syndrome and couldn’t find many at bats for Tui.

It’s on to Chicago.  They need to win this series.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

11 thoughts on “Tigers Lose Game and Series…

  1. Of everything I saw today………and there is lots to think about……..it came down to one thing….our#5 hitter period. We need JP’s 300 bat back (no wait he is on the 60 day DL) so we need Omar back in the #5 spot That should have been the one hit we needed. I see good things falling into place with this team! I don’t always agree with Rod Allen however this time it looked like he may have been right JV fell in lust with his fast ball early and did not adjust until to late. Can’t tell if that pitch selection was on pitcher or catcher with A S Q Money out that they need to figure out!

  2. BTW no worries cause Dirks is 7-35 “JL KNOWS they have to get him going a LITTLE BIT” cause ” he has struggled most of the year” they heard ya Crippy they heard……………

    • I can’t believe it! I know I’m not the only one whose is watching the guy suck. I was refreshing to see him out of the lineup. Now, who to replace him with? I’mn not sure. I was very disappointed in Tui today, especially when he grounded into the inning ending double play with the bases loaded. 23 MEN LEFT ON BASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  3. Didn’t see the game as I was vacationing. However, it was very disappointing to lose 2 of 3 to the yankees, who blow. The only bright spot was sticking it to Rivera, who they haven’t hit in 20 years.

    The left field issue needs to sort itself out soon. It must be obvious that Castellanos isn’t the answer, otherwise wouldn’t he already be in the mix? He can’t field the position… And can only hit in the upper 200’s at AAA. Not very impressive??

    I’m still expecting another roster addition via waiver wire claim and/or trade – possibly another reliever (for AL AL), or a left fielder. Either way they need to plug a hole that will hurt them come playoff time.

    • Sark, I’ll say this again, YOU CAN’T WIN BY LEAVING 23 MEN ON BASE!!!! If we make a roster addition, it better be fill the left field spot. I think Tui got screwed because he sat for so long. So, now I can’t tell whether him cooling off is just the natural progression or because of Leyland’s Dirksburger Syndrome.

  4. Well……..corner outfielder eh’..DK bats left and Tui bats right ok who do you trade? If Dirks isn’t good enough for a contender and they won’t / can’t trade Castellanos that leaves the wire. Delmond Young was DFA today………I don’t have an answer?

  5. Well Fields is #3 rated Castellanos is #1 so DD has done great so far IMHO I guess we need to keep winning and see what they do!

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