OK, I’m Sorry…

I know this is a baseball blog and baseball is my true passion.  But I’m also passionate about the sport I grew up playing, hockey.  I like to tell people that I’m married to baseball but hockey is my girlfriend.  Anyway, I just saw this picture of Pavel Datsyuk on Facebook and I’m getting excited for hockey to start.

Pavel Datsyuk
Pavel Datsyuk Fishing

One thought led to another and I started thinking about my favorite youtube videos.  The video below shows the beautiful Larionov sisters, Alyonka and Diana, daughters of Red Wing and Hockey legend, Igor, singing Ave Maria in Red Square.

This thought led me to yet another.  The picture below is courtesy of Alyonka “Wonka” Larionov’s facebook page.  It is a picture of her, her sister Diana, and father Igor with the Stanley Cup.  It is so cute.  I reminds me of when my own nieces were little.

Igor, Alyonka, and Diana Larionov
Igor, Alyonka, and Diana Larionov kissing the Holy Grail, the Stanley Cup. One sip gives you eternal life.

OK, back to baseball, I promise.  But I hope you enjoy.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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