Another reason to hate the Red Sox!

Except for Ted Williams, I’ve always hated the Red Sox, and now I have another reason to hate them even more.  Look, I’m not fan of ARod but what he did or didn’t do is between him, the Yankees, and MLB.

The Yankees and Red Sox are on Sunday night baseball.  ARod just came to bat and Demptser threw three inside pitches, one behind him, and hit him on the 4th pitch.  He clearly hit him intentionally.

For some reason, home plate umpire Brian O’Nora, did not toss Dempster. Instead he tossed Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who was rightfully livid, and he warned both benches.  This was an abomination of baseball justice.  Dempster got away with his petty little vendetta and now Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia can’t throw inside because if he happens to hit a Red Sox player, he’ll probably get tossed.

On queue, true to their despicable nature, the Red Sox fans cheered Alex Rodriquez getting hit.

Like I said, I’m not fan of Alex Rodriguez, and if the allegations are true that his “camp”, snitched on other players, I have even less respect for him.  But, at least for this game, I’m on ARod’s side.

I wish ARod had charged the mound and he and Dempster may have settled this issue man to man, but he didn’t.

If your not tuned in, this one could get interesting.

If I were the Yankees, Pedroia or Ortiz would get it!

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “Another reason to hate the Red Sox!

  1. As usual these two teams are over-obsessed with each other, and honestly the only reason I’m watching this game is because its Sunday night and nothing on. This so-called rivalry is lousy for baseball, because as these two insignificant teams battle with each other the rest of the actual good teams get little to no attention. Yet here we are with Tampa right on the tails of Boston.

    As far as the game tonight, here is another classic example of the modern day umpire making a mistake and tossing out the manager for questioning him. I hate Girardi as much as the next guy, but he had a good argument.

    This game sucks with Curt Schilling in the booth! He claimed the Tigers going 35-5 in ’84 clinched the division in May. What an ass! Didn’t he realize Toronto was right on our tail in July?

    • SARK!!! I was thinking of our conversation at the picnic too and thought of what you said about umpires compounding their error by throwing someone out. AS USUAL, you are spot on.

      On another note, for as much as I love baseball, the game I went to at Fenway in 2001 was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had at a baseball game. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO FENWAY!! The ballpark was a piece of shit and the fans were savages!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’d go to a curling match before I went to Fenway again.

  2. Curling is an Olympic sport………No question Dumpster should have been tossed…….the next question is how many more different teams are going to do the same thing?

    • Paul, I think baseball could put this all to rest by sayiing, if you test positive for PEDs, even one time, not only are you suspended but an asterisk goes next to your name and statistics forever. This is basically saying, we don’t trust anything you did was on the level. Also, no Hall of Fame. But are the Red Sox forgetting about Ortiz? Didn’t he test positive? What about his fat ass?

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