Jose Miguel Cabrera!

in the words of John Kruk, “he’s just better than everybody else”.

Miggy started today’s game the way he ended yesterday’s.  He took the first pitch he saw from Royals’ starter, Bruce Chen, and deposited it over the left field wall for his 40th home run of the season.  Miggy’s blast gave the Tigers a 2-0 lead and the Tigers never looked back.  MIggy drove in another run with a single in the 3rd and finished the day 2-3, with a homer and 3 RBIs.

Here’s an animated GIF of Miggy’s 40th courtesy of the Bless You Boys Blog at SBNATION.

Miggy's 40th
Miggy’s 40th

After today’s game, Miggy is hitting .360, has 120 RBIs, and 40 home runs.

A bit over shadowed my Miggy’s performance was Max Scherzer.  Max picked up his 18th win of the season.  He pitched 8 innings allowed 2 earned, struck out 4 and didn’t give up a walk.  He and Roger Clemens are the only pitchers since 1919 to pick up 18 wins in their first 19 decisions.  He should be the runaway winner of this year’s Cy Young award.

Miggy was intentionally walked in the 5th.  The thing I’m wondering is, how long will any team continue to pitch to Cabrera?  I know if I was an opposing manager, I would pitch to him rarely especially while Prince Fielder isn’t hitting as well as his track record shows.  Additionally, teams really can’t pitch around Miggy, via the unintentional intentional walk, because he’s proved time and again that he can and will expand his strike zone and do major damage.

Tigers fans, you are seeing on a regular basis, the best hitter in baseball, and probably one of the best of all time.

Behind Miggy and Scherzer, the Tigers took the rubber game of this 5 game series and welcome the Twins to Comerica Park this Tuesday.

Update: Cleveland Indians second baseman, Jason Kipnis, tweeted this after the game, “Dear Miggy… You’re making the rest of us look bad.. Knock it off! – MLB Hitters”.  Hat Tip to Sark for pointing out the Kipnis tweet.  I’ve retweeted it and it can be seen on the right side of this page.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “Jose Miguel Cabrera!

  1. I don’t have words…..every time anyone goes to the park well it is history in the making. I will throw something out there as food for thought. This blog looks at the Tigers situation in left field for an answer which I do not have. However this team was in hot pursuit of Cespedes until Victor went down and the owner not the GM went out and made a deal. I had kinda forgot about our pursuit of the Centipede makes me go what if?

    • Nebraska, I didn’t know the Tigers were trying to get Cepedes. I’m surprised the A’s were even taking about trading him. They must have wanted too much in return.

      Can you imagine Cespedes in left for the Tigers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Dirksy is going to to get going. I was encouraged for a few games but it is gotten back to same old Dirksy!

  2. Listening to the taking heads on MLB network this evening, I think the one guy is Brian Denny. He is trying to justify how a pitchers win-loss record is more indicative of the team effort. He was trying to make the argument that Max isn’t really that good because he gets a lot of run support. What bunch of BS from a guy that most likely never played the game. I for one know that as a player you have a certain level of confidence when a certain pitcher takes the mound. The Tigers ooze confidence with Max on the mound, and it shows in his performance. So this begs the question… Is it his pitching that makes the team better? Or is he the result of a good team? If its the latter then why aren’t all the Tigers pitchers having monster years? Hard to argue with 18-1… According to Fox the matchup next Saturday on the game of the week will be Scherzer against Matt Harvey. I’m looking forward to that one!!

    • Sark, I heard the same thing in regard to win/loss records and I too think it is asinine! While there are anomalies, like King Felix’s record a few years ago, I think win/loss is the most important thing. A guy with a lot of wins is able to keep a team in the game and shut the other team down in certain circumstances. While, I am a numbers guy, statistics don’t tell the whole story. And whether these talking heads like it or not, W/L is a statistic, a very important one.. If what these ass clowns are saying is true, then the Cy Young should just go to the guy with the lowest era. And can’t ERA be misleading. I’m mean if you have an excellent fielding team, they can help reduce ERA. Like you said before, there is not enough to talk about for 24 hours a day so they have to make things up.

      Just like that ass on 97.1 who said Cabrera was hurting the team because he can’t run. What a jack ass!!

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