is the best way to describe the game tonight.  The Tigers looked flat and disinterested and I got that feeling the minute I walked into Comerica Park.

Rick Porcello was good for 3 innings but, for the second straight outing, fell apart in the 4th.

Ricky only lasted 4 and 1/3, striking out 6, walking 2, and allowing 5 earned runs on 7 hits.

With one out in the 5th, Phil Coke relieved Porcello to pitch to lefty Justin Morneau and surrendered a two run double. That is the last batter Coke will face in a Tiger uniform for a while as he was sent to Toledo immediately after the game.  Jose Alvarez was called up to replace him.

I’m sorry to see Coke go but I can’t make excuses for him anymore.  After struggling this year he was basically used as a left handed specialist for the last few months but couldn’t get lefties out.  I guess the Tigers have just decided that they’ve seen enough and can’t afford to use a roster spot for a lefty that can’t get out lefties.

The offense didn’t look that good today, and they did their best to make Mike Pelfry and his 5.19 ERA look like a Cy Young contender.  Even the Mighy Miggy didn’t really have good at bats today.  He ended the night 1-5 and ended the game by striking out with the tying runs on base.  But the Tigers can’t count on him to bail the them out every game.

The at bats, as a team, got better in the late innings but they just couldn’t get the big hit to get them back in the game.

On the flip side, Prince had a homer and two RBIs tonight.  And Victor Martinez, Brayan Pena and Jose Iglesias each had two hits.

Let’s see if they can get back to winning tomorrow.  It would bad to lose this series to the Twins.

Update:  Here is a link to the Freep regarding Coke’s demotion.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Lethargic…

  1. Lethargic is exactly what I was thinking. All sizzle and no steak. Lots of base runners with not much to show for it. I thought Porcello looked unhittable for 3 innings, but got burned by Morneau on a pretty good pitch. It seemed all downhill from there.

    I thought Miggy’s bat looked a little slow today, as well as a few others. Sometimes that so-called needed day off can be a bad thing, and I think in this case it broke a little of the mo they had built in the KC series. The rest of this series looks good as the Twins just placed Mauer on the 7-day concussion list. I expect Sanchez and JV to shut it down – I hope.

    • Sark, they really need to win this series. The Twins suck and they need these games. i don’t think the Royals are going away, the Indians, I’m not so worried about.

  2. @ 3;18 AM EST the Tribe is up 4/1 in the 14th inning something about winning the games you SHOULD win rings true here with two outs left……..learn from this!

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