Tigers 4 Mariners 2

Behind a nice pitching performance from Rick Porcello, the Tigers managed to squeak out just enough runs to beat the lowly Seattle Mariners tonight at Comerica Park.

Ricky picked up his 13th win of the season.  He pitched 6 solid innings allowing 1 earned run on five hits.  He struck out 10 and walked 2 on 105 pitches.

The offense was pretty much non existent until the 6th inning.  Up until that time they had scored only 1 run in the first inning on a wild pitch.  In fact, it looked like Mariners’ starter, Joe Saunders, might got the distance.  He began the bottom of the sixth having only thrown 72 pitches.  In the 6th the Tigers managed to score 2 runs on a walk and three singles.

Besides being frustrating to watch the Tigers offense isn’t doing the pitching any favors.  Every pitch becomes a pressure pitch when the offense isn’t giving you any run support.  As a fan, I can feel it.  Sometimes I feel like if the pitching surrenders 1 or 2 runs the game is lost.  This is a lot to ask from any staff and completely unacceptable considering what the Tigers have invested on offense.

To put it another way, is just impossible to think of a way this team can go the distance with this offense.

Miggy looks beaten up and I think the window to address the problem has closed.  He can’t run period and he can barely swing.  In the bottom of the sixth he was at second base with Martinez batting.  Victor hit a ground ball down the right field line which should have scored a bad runner easily.  Miggy did score but if the Seattle right fielder, Abraham Almonte, hadn’t bobbled the ball three times he definitely would have had a play on Cabrera at the plate.  In the bottom of the seventh, Miggy hit a ball to right field that that we’ve seen leave the yard all season long.  I can’t help but think that his injuries are stifling his power.  Unfortunately, the Tigers are backed into a corner.  I don’t know if they have enough time to sit him and hope he gets healthy, and has his timing, by the time the playoffs start.

This I do know, the Tigers can’t win with this offense.  It is simply too much to ask the pitchers to put up zeroes night in and night out.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  I hope I’m wrong.

“God, I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Tigers 4 Mariners 2

  1. I was already hearing the post-game commentary from the manager on what a great pitching performance Saunders put in against his vaunted offense… But for some reason Saunders decided to walk Miggy – intentional unintentional walk – with two outs and nobody on, score tied 1-1. With the way he has been hitting there is no way he can hit one over the fence. But the walk lead to a two-run inning and that was the ballgame.

    On the good side, Ricky is pitching his career best this year, and appears to finally be living up to his potential. Take away a couple strange outings against the Angels and he has an excellent season statistically speaking.

    Chris, this will be a short playoff if things don’t change in the next two weeks. Tigers offense must change gears, and/or the A’s need to go into a major slump. Maybe they will if they clinch too early…

    Let’s see, we face some journeyman garbage pitcher tomorrow – I think he is 4-8 with a 7.18 era. Maybe we can hit this guy? Who knows, we’ll probably make him look like Cy Young.

  2. Sark, I’m so sick of hearing “well you have to tip your hat to the opposing pitcher, he made a lot of good pitches”. Really what the hell do you pay the offense for? Saunders only threw 72 pitches entering the 6th. That’s not exactly grinding out at bats.

  3. Well folks let’s hope this guy pitches to his 7.18 era. cause according to JL he is resting everyone in the pen ‘cept Coke. I was asking the guy in front of me last night where Rondon was? Turns out he tweeeeeked an elbow on his last pitch in Boston @103mph so you think the offense is a little punky? I am gonna watch the pen tonight!

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