Tigers 1 Twins 0

Max Scherzer got his 21st win of the season and the Tigers clinched the Central Division for the 3rd straight season.

I’m not excited.  I’m not excited about a team that has won 93 games.  I can’t get the frustrated flailing of an inconsistent offense out of my mind.

I’m glad they won but for me it is World Series Champion or bust.  The Tigers have won only one World Series in my lifetime, in 1984.  It has been 29 years.  I’ve been a season ticket holder for 8 years.  I’m tired of waiting but I feel like this team is the same as last year’s team.  Similar to the 2012 Tigers, the 2013 edition, just can’t score on a consistent basis and asks way too much the pitching staff.

The Tigers managed only 8 runs in this 3 game series with the Twins and managed to win 2.  This is a tribute to excellent starting pitching and enough arms out of the pen to pick up a terrible offense.

Miggy looks horrible.  He’s had only 2 extra base hits since August 26th and took his second straight ohfer.  I think the Tigers are going to pay for not putting him on the 15 day DL at the end of August.  I hope I’m wrong.

This was an odd game for Max.  He pitched 7 innings, allowed only 2 hits, struck out 10 but walked 6.  Max struggled with his command all game long but still managed to shut out the Twins.

Max Scherzer should win the American League Cy Young Award.  The object of the game is to win and Max has done that better than anybody else in the league.  Other pitchers should get consideration but 21 wins is 21 wins and Scherzer should take home the hardware.

At times this year I’ve been hard on Jimmy Leyland but I think he’s done the best with what he has.  I don’t think there is anything he can do about the offense.  These guys are supposed to hit and he can’t do that for them.

I’m excited to see Peralta in left field.

I’m excited for the playoffs to start.

I hope the Tigers can pull it off.  They will probably go as far as their starting pitching takes them

It’s on to Miami and then probably off to Oakland.

Hopefully, like Victor Martinez earlier in the year, the offense will prove me wrong.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

4 thoughts on “Tigers 1 Twins 0

  1. I agree it’s hard to get excited because they look so feeble, even in victory. I also agree Max pitched ‘OK’, but Minny is a 4A team and he should have pitched ok against them. He battled through a lot of control problems and gave his team a chance to win the game, which is basically what he has done all season. He deserves the CY for that reason. He has the wins to back that up.

    If the clinching of the division had come sooner they would have been able to give Miggy more days off to heal up as much as possible. For now though, they will only be able to shut him down for the next 5-6 days. The result of this will be that he should be pretty fresh for game 1 in Oakland, but after that the injury will probably get aggravated enough to set him back to this current condition.

    I don’t think we even have a spitting chance if Miggy is going to perform like this. He simply can’t use his lower body to turn, and the result is a very slow bat. Unfortunately none of the other hitters are going to do enough against good pitching to pick up the slack.

    No doubt are pitching staff is solid, and they will keep all of the games close enough to win. However, I don’t think this staff is going to win anything on their own against a playoff caliber team, such as Oakland. The question is whether or not our offense will be able to score enough….. I don’t see how they will against good pitching. The only chance we have is for Miggy to get really healthy in the next week (not likely), or for the A’s to go flat from the early clinching and long layoff before game 1 (that is a possibility).

    They will probably hit a lot in Miami this weekend because the pressure is off…

  2. OK I took my day off so let’s get to work. The next three games REALLY do mean something to the tigers so let’s ponder some stuff? (1) Alvarez for RP tonight. This is pitching try outs 101 except its days before Nov. We need to watch EVERYONE they bring out tonight.(2) The Peralta experiment begins….he’s a natural. Well we shall see. (3) JMC….how hurt is he? Is he a DH and Victor a catcher and JP a third baseman? Where would that leave AA? (4) Starting rotation…….anyone REALLY know? (5) Bats……..will this team bring them with them to the post season or are we going to go to Dicks Sporting Goods to get some? Me I am scared…..this should be fun. There are (7) seven home hockey games in October.

    • JMC should sit two of the three games. Perhaps let him get a few ABs on Sunday to keep whatever timing he has but that’s it.

      Starting rotation, Max, Anibal, JV, Fister.

      Victor gets into the post season game no matter what. The only time the Tigers would have to worry about where to put him is if they make it to the world series. Unless the offensive gets on a three week roll, not likely. But if they do, Victor catches, AA sit. Period. AA had a nice second half but not good enough to justify sitting Victor.

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