Red Sox 6 Tigers 5


That’s only thing I can say about this game.

After the offense finally put up some runs and built a 5-0, Max throwing a gem, the bull pen and defense blew it.

Max threw 108 pitches through 7 innings.  He struck out 13, allowed 2 hits, and 1 run.

I was hoping he’d come out for the 8th but when I saw Veras warming up I began to worry.

Veras, Smyly, Alburquerque, and Benoit couldn’t protect a 4 run lead and the Boston Red Sox evened the series with 4 in the 8th and 1 in the 9th.

Porcello came in to start the 9th and the wheels began to immediately fall off.  He got Gomes to hit a ball between 3rd and short.  Iggy fielded the ball and made a wide throw to first.  The throw took a glove high hop but Fielder couldn’t knock it down.  The hit and error sent the winning run to second with nobody out.  Porcello got Saltalamacchia to foul down the first base line.  Prince went to the stands but couldn’t make the catch.  The ball hit off the heel of his glove giving Saltalamacchia new life.

Porcello then threw a wild pitch sending Gomes to third and Saltalamacchia singled through a drawn in infield to end the game.

I don’t have the words to describe this one.  What an awful way to lose.

I hope it is not a back breaker.

Torii Hunter almost robbed David Ortiz of a game tying grand slam but seemed to over run the ball.  It would have been a great catch but it looked like he might have made it if he didn’t over run it.

The Tigers may have stolen a game yesterday but they gave this one away.

Austin Jackson and Torii Hunter were both 0-5.  If there is any good news coming out of the 1 and 2 slots in the order it is that Jackson only struck out once tonight.

I’m stunned and sick to my stomach.

This one hurts!

Let’s hope JV can give the Tigers 9 on Tuesday.  Despite yesterday’s success, the pen worries me.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

10 thoughts on “Red Sox 6 Tigers 5

  1. We had me.. Everything was perfect… Red Sox nation had their a-holes puckering all night long… We had a stranglehold on the series.. They couldn’t even get a hit.. Every time the count went 3-2 the crowd would rise to their feet hoping for a walk… And each time Max kindly asked them to sit back down by throwing strike 3…. It was all but over, and the crowd knew it… Then along comes the bullpen… Poof, gone…

    In the big picture I guess we got the one victory we needed… I still like our chances, but we need to win at least two at home.

    Some good from this game…. AA had three very good swings, just missing one his second at-bat. Miggy seems to be getting his stroke… VMart and Peralta are hitting everything hard… Desperately need AJ and Hunter to get on base.. This one will sting for a little bit, but need to spit it out and move on to the next game..

  2. Well…..truth is we all knew are pen was “soft”. I won’t sit in the armchair and guess about the way they were used that’s what winter is for. I suspect we will know what we are by end of the day Tuesday. Last year this team had a fairy tale script JV pitching first game in Frisco Tigers guaranteed at LEAST a split…and then the Panda changed the script with one big swing and when the script changed well you know the rest. We hade an even more fairy tale script for seven last night and then one big swing. In their history the Red Sox have come back from three down to win a World Series. Far as I an concerned we will know all about the Tigers by end of the day Tuesday

    • Nebraska, I really can’t complain about the way JL used the pen yesterday. The same formula worked in game 1 but I don’t understand his use of Porcello.

      I wish he would have either sent Max out for the 8th or sent in Porcello. I know Ricky got the loss yesterday but that was on the fielding. The only thing that comes to mind about Fielders defense in the 9th is ABOMINATION! I know Iggy’s throw was off line but PF came off the bag and it was a waist high hop. Then the dropped foul ball. The truth is the game was lost in the 8th.

      I have no confidence in Veras and I think they’re asking too much of Benoit. How many 4 out saves can they ask him to get. Bring Ricky in. At least he throws ground balls and isn’t that why you put Iggy in for defensive purposes?

      The bottom line is the pen didn’t get it done.

      Let’s hop JV can go the distance.

  3. Crippy…..100% right about THE PRINCE you could just see the life come out of them in the 9th. Since 1985 the team that has won the ALCS game two has advanced 21 of 27 times including 12 of the last 14.(per Jeff Seidel Detroit Free Press) Yes asking way to much of Benoit. Why in God’s name would you throw anything close to a strike to the Big Guy with that many outs? I fully intend to drink tomorrow period. I will say it again we will know what we are by the end of the day Tuesday. And FYI Jimmy Howard is not in goal for the Wings today against Boston….sign from God?

    • It wouldn’t have been the end of the world to walk Ortiz. Oh, well, I still can’t complain too much. But I think Ricky would have been a better option for Ortiz. For the most part Ricky throws ground balls and last time I checked ground balls don’t leave the yard.

      For what it’s worth, I prefer ground ball pitchers and ground ball hitters. Ground balls to go over the fence. On the other side of the equation, when you hit a ground ball it has to be fielded, thrown and then caught.

      I don’t put much stock in the game 2 winner thing. If I’m not mistaken game 3 of the division series was supposed to be the deciding game.

      If the old JV is back, the Tigers may be OK.

  4. Yea I would buy that. Still had a lead could give up a couple and live to tell about it. This four out save thing it did not work with Dotel when he was healthy and sure did not work here….guess it shows what JL really thinks about what he has. No Rondon well?

  5. That momentum BS is a good story for the writers, but means little to the players. The opposing hitters know they’re still in the fight of their lives because our starting pitching is so dominant. If it goes 7 they still have to face JV twice, Sanchez and Max once. And let’s not forget Fister shut them out in Fenway a few weeks ago. JV hasn’t given up a run in several outings, so I expect he’ll be tough on them. I expect our hitting will return to normalcy though, and runs will be hard to come by. Hope I’m wrong about that…. On the bright side, at least we won’t sweep and wait around for a week before the WS. This one is going at least six.

  6. True enough. When I stand back in the light of day and look at this I expected to come out with a split and that happened. Kicked me in the mouth. However I am not lacing up spikes on Tuesday… lets go get some!

  7. This should get us fired up…. Watch this and tell me this team doesn’t mean business when it takes the field..

    This is the ritual the Tigers have mimicked after clinching the division and LDS. Two more of these and we’re gold!

  8. Works for me! I am ready to stop whinnnnniiing go to the park early and mess with the NATION……”cause I know from looking at Stub Hub they will be here. Let’s go Tigers!

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