Should the Tigers Dump Alex Avila aka A Squared Money?

Paul Swydan at ESPN Insider thinks so.

When Alex Avila suffered an injury in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series, there was a lot of worry that he wouldn’t be able to play in Game 6 either. In reality, though, the Tigers would have been fine without him and should be looking to replace him heading into next season.

That’s certainly a touchy subject, considering that his father is the team’s assistant general manager, but the simple fact is that Avila didn’t cut it this season. His 0.6 WAR (per FanGraphs) ranked just 37th overall among catchers, and 26th among 32 catchers who had at least 300 plate appearances.

Swydan makes some good points but getting rid of Alex doesn’t seem likely.

Hat Tip Nebraska for pointing out this article.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural


6 thoughts on “Should the Tigers Dump Alex Avila aka A Squared Money?

  1. He has a good point, but with dad in the FO it’s not going to happen.

    In my humble opinion the bigger priority is moving Fielder and that unbearable contract.

    Next move Miggy to first and try AA at 3B, which I think is his original position.

    AA is definitely a liability behind the plate, and it probably has a serious negative affect on his hitting.

    But absent any of this happening, the biggest priority is LF. My choice is Granderson.

    • Sark, I agree, AA isn’t going anywhere. And you know I love Curtis, but I’m still afraid of his propensity to strikeout.

      What do you think about signing Ellsbury to lead off and play center and move AJax to left?

  2. Well the bigger question that this hinges on is this……..they don’t have a manager yet…which unless we get an announcement in the next day tells me they WANT the Red Sox bench coach and can’t talk to him until baseball is done. Brayan Pena had a one year deal only and the Tigers are required to tender there FA’S like now. So I think they have a sack full of problems with a new regime coming in they need to figure out a back up catcher and then open the door. With a new manager I think all bets are off either no one is sacred and they just spend money or look out. So we will know first about Pena and judge from whom they resign quick. This should be fun….

  3. Personally I think AJ is a better CF than Ellsbury, though the latter would be a great addition to the lineup. I agree Curtis still K’s too much, but not sure who else they might be able to sign. Looks like Pena is gone, and I do agree with Nebraska that Lovullo might be the leading candidate of the managers with no experience. At least we won’t be short on things to follow this off-season….

  4. I’m pretty sure Tori Lovullo was a highly though of Tigers prospect. When they brought him up, he blew. I’m not sure what that means but I don’t want him. I want Charlie Manual.

  5. Well I guess we know about Pena so AA is your starting catcher next year….I will also put this in print going in to next year we will see Perez at second (yes I have Scott Seizemore nightmaers) and our closer will be in house either AA or Rondon as they try and shift payroll and don’t be suprised if you see Nick C in the outfield….

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