Brad Ausmus is New Tigers Manager

CBS Sports dot com is reporting that Brad Ausmus will replace Jim Leyland as the Tigers manager.

The Tigers will name former big league catcher Brad Ausmus their new manager, reports Adam Spolane of SportsRadio 610. He will travel to Detroit on Sunday to finalize a contract.

Ausmus, 44, has never managed or coached at the big league level. He served as the manager for Team Israel in the qualifying rounds of the World Baseball Classic this spring. Ausmus has worked in the Padres’ front office as a special assistant since 2010.

Despite the lack of managerial experience, Ausmus is widely regarded for his baseball acumen and leadership skills. He has been considered a future manager since his playing days and recently interviewed for the Cubs’ vacant managerial seat.

Ausmus played 18 years in the majors, including three with the Tigers (1996, 1999-2000). He was a defense-first catcher who won three Gold Gloves (2001-02, 2006) and made one All-Star Team (1999).

I was hoping the Tigers would hire former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel.  But it doesn’t seem like he was even being considered.  That being said, based on who the Tigers were interviewing, I’m glad they chose Ausmus.

Catchers seem to make good managers.

Let’s hope Ausmus can help end the 30 year World Series drought.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

7 thoughts on “Brad Ausmus is New Tigers Manager

  1. ESPN is also reporting this. I’m not going to nitpick the choice. I just know a different voice and direction was needed to even consider getting to the top of the mountain. However, until this very challenged roster is remade in some form the change in manager will be of no significance. I was sure they would go with age and experience, but in a way I’m glad they’re going this route.

    • Sark, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’ve heard that there are a lot of prima donnas in the locker room and it has become sort of a fun-house. I’ve been told that players such as Cabrera and Martinez and Fielder constantly have their kids in the room and expect the team to provide baby sitting services. (You know how much I love kids so I don’t mind the kids but there this is a workplace where they get paid a lot of money to be professionals.) That being said, I think a shakeup on the order of what Boston did last year is in order. In my opinion, nobody is untouchable.

      On another note, and this is going to sound blasphemous, there is something about Cabrera that weirds me. I can’t describe it or put my finger on it but I get a strange feeling from him. I can’t and won’t take anything away from his play but something about him tells me he’s not so great in the locker room. I have no evidence just a personal feeling.

      I wouldn’t be terribly upset if they moved hm and got a few solid position players for him.

      Something about him doesn’t sit right with me.

      I’m not sayin. I’m just sayin.

  2. Well MLB is reporting this also….if it walks like a duck. I am ambivlant on this….kinda like JL. We went a long way under him was it because of JL or in spite of JL? Francona went as far as his talent would take him and not to the next levle. So just how will this work? The manager has more of a chance to impact a game on the loss side rather than the win. Leave that pitcher in one batter to long. So anyway time for regime change and I will get behind the next guy until he proves to me he can’t do the job. All that said this off season and what they do about the level of improvement (if any) is what it’s all about. Second base? Corner outfielder? Relief pitching top to bottom? Some speed somewhere? Plenty to do in my opinion. Now as to Cabrera….Crippy I agree not a leader just a big kid with exceptional talent having fun. I attended a dinner where Lynn Henning put forth the proposition that a professional baseball players skill set starts to decline at about age 30. In my opinion the biggest challenge facing this team is Max & Cabby are both FA in 2014. Can’t keep both so I say trade Max now and plug holes move Drew into the rotation and keep Cabby and he can DH for a long time. However Henning thought we could get more for Miggy so what do I know? Or as Sark said until the roster is remade the change in manager will be of no significance. Amen!

  3. I’m not sure about the country club atmosphere, though it would seem that way. JL never seemed to put much stock in the whole team chemistry thing, but in my honest opinion there is very little of it on this team. Just look in the dugout. The latinos sit together, the few black guys hang together, and the whites…. Well you get the point. It probably isn’t that different on most teams.. But one thing is for sure.. This is a very dysfunctional unit that requires significant retooling. Honestly if you gave me our starting five pitchers, I would trade the rest of our roster for that of the Oakland A’s. Ilitch fell in love with star power while winning a string of cups with the Wings, but that formula isn’t going to work on this team. I feel like the window has closed for this current core and serious changes are required to continue the winning ways.

  4. Sark…it’s something to think about that window. I really think they have a chance in 14 if management wants to plug holes this off season if they cut payroll and pretend they have a farm system well you will hear glass break as that window slams shut!

  5. I want to think they have another shot, and they certainly have several individual players to accomplish it. But it’s going to take a special manager to pull it all together for the common good. This year was truly their best shot when you think about some of the good things that happened. Our starting 5 missed only 3 scheduled starts all year, only cuz Sanchez had a soft shoulder for a couple weeks. That kind of durability is unheard of in today’s game, and in fact was a MLB record. The starting pitching was utterly dominant in the ALCS, except the 2nd outing by Sanchez. Miggy was on track for a second consecutive triple crown, unheard of in today’s game. Only a freak injury stopped him. We had several .300 hitters: Miggy, Tori, VMart, Omar, JP, Iggy, Pena for much of the season. Yet the production was pretty much all or nothing, with a whole lot of nothing. I don’t think we can expect those pitching and hitting stats next season, especially when 3 of those guys will be gone and 2 another year older. The organizational meetings this week should be interesting, would love to be a fly on that wall…

  6. Sark……..all precise points spot on and those are the reasons JL went into the sunset and that makes me wonder what writing he saw on the wall. You are right the organizational meetings well gonna be fun. I want a corner outfielder with speed that can hit for average or better. I want Omar back at second. And I want Joe Nathan. After that I will close my eyes and let DD do what he do. Merry X-mas to me!

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