Nice article about Iggy…

From SportsOnEarth, Motown Motivation by Matt Crossman:

Iglesias’ hands are so fast, and his range so vast, that when second baseman Ian Kinsler was traded to the Tigers in the offseason, Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia sent Kinsler a warning via text: “Hey, man, you’re going to love Iggy. But keep your glove up. You’ll get hit right in the teeth, look like a hockey player.”

Iglesias’ defensive reputation has preceded him since he learned to field grounders hit by his dad on a diamond near their house in Cuba. The better Iglesias got at catching them, the more he scooted in, and the harder his dad hit them.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

3 thoughts on “Nice article about Iggy…

  1. All winter I’ve been saying I can’t wait to watch Iggy flash the leather this season. I’m a huge fan of defense. I always favor the game saving catch over the game winning hit. I just hope this shin splint issue is not haunting over his career. There was a famous athlete who was heading for stardom(his name eludes me now) except for “THE KNEES”.

    • From the article there was a nice quote from Pedroia when Iggy got trades…

      …”All of that explains why it was a sad day for Iglesias when he was traded from Boston to Detroit last summer. “He texted me,” Pedroia says. “You could tell he was upset. But he said, ‘Now we’ve got the two best hitters on the planet on one team, with me and Cabrera.'””

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