Thank You Victor!

Victor hit a solo shot in the 10th to bail out Tigers closer, Joe Nathan, and give the Tigers a split of the two game series with the Dodgers, 7-6.

After blowing his second save in a Tigers uniform, Tigers closer Joe Nathan, picked up a bat and headed to the on deck circle in the top of the 10th.  As he was heading up the stairs of the dugout he had a short conversation with Tigers skipper Brad Ausmus.

Ausmus: What are you doing?
Nathan: Getting ready to hit.
Ausmus: Sit down.  You’ve done enough.

Early on, I was afraid Ausmus was going to let Anibal go too long so he could qualify for the win. I thought he should have come out after Crawford’s double with two out in the 5th. But, Sanchez was able to get out of it.  He was shaky at first, throwing 63 pitches in the first two innings, but settled down to retire nine in a row before Crawford’s aforementioned double.

Ausmus probably wanted to save Smyly, who was warming up, for the Dodgers left handers coming up.  Whatever the case, it worked out, although Sanchez didn’t get the win.

Thanks Joe!

Despite Nathan’s heroics, there was a lot to like in this game, not the least of which was Victor’s game winning solo shot in the 10th.

The Good:

  • The Tigers manufactured a run with steals in the first.
  • Sanchez had a nice, unexpected double in the second.
  • Dee Gordon’s costly error to extended the second inning.
  • The Dodgers squeeze play in 2nd with a 3-2 count on Beckett, while not good for for the Tigers, was still a pretty sweet play.
  • Nick Castellanos hit a three run shot in the third, his first MLB homer.
  • The Tigers stole three bases.
  • Ajax had a big sac fly in the 7th to increase the Tigers lead to 6-3.
  • Tyler Collins got is first MLB hit in the 8th and added his second in the 10th.
  • Drew Smyly and Ian Krol were smokin’ balls out of the pen. Smyly pitched three complete, allowing only one hit in relief of Sanchez.   Krol came on to relieve Joba in the 10th and struck out Adrian Gonzalez and Andre Eithier.
  • The Amazing Al came into relieve Krol and got the final out.

The Bad:

  • Anibal Sanchez was shaky in the first two innings throwing 63 pitches.
  • The Tigers bounced into three double plays.
  • Joe Nathan.
  • Joe Nathan got the win.

The Ugly:

  • Joe Nathan blew another save by giving up three runs in the 9th.  I don’t have the words.  He was horrible.

Quietly, Ian Kinsler seems to be a nice addition to the Tigers.  Whether it is hitting, fielding or running, he seems to do something good to help the Tigers win.  However, the best part about the Kinsler acquisition is that Prince in not in a Tigers uniform anymore.

Trivia: The Dodgers have now played longer in LA than they did in Brooklyn. (H/T Shannon Hogan)

4 thoughts on “Thank You Victor!

  1. Thankfully I went to bed just before the bottom 9th. This will be my first criticism of Ausmus: Leave Smyly in to pitch the 9th – Nathan Sucks!! They even commented on the broadcast how he complained of a dead arm. WTF? Smyly is a starting pitcher and he needs the innings anyway.

    I will give Ausmus credit for his creative lineup in game #1, moving Miggy to 3rd. Leyland would have never done that. Almost worked with VMart getting a key hit.

    Amazing with all their faults this team is 5-2. Either it’s a good sign they can play thru all the crap, or an accident just waiting to happen. I do like the way Kinsler plays the game.

    Sanchez doesn’t look ready to pitch yet. I’ll always say it, because I didn’t like his signing, but he would have brought more return than Fister. Just saying!

    • I like the way this team battles and keeps coming back. I think JL preached that as well. I rarely felt/feel like they get down and mail it in. They haven’t been good at execution but hopefully that will get better. Double plays drive me crazy just like not advancing runners and failing to drive in runs with a guy on third and less than two out. Perhaps this is THE YEAR?

  2. Well I know we are like 10 games into the season so it’s almost over………..I am not ready to panic about this pen JUST yet talk to me in 25 games. I know you can’t win a championship in April but you can…….well you know. They did win and maybe now we understand a little more about the Fister deal?

    • “…maybe now we understand a little more about the Fister deal?” As always, I think you’re right. Like I mentioned, Krol was Smokin’ Balls out of the pen! Maybe Krol isn’t a “humpty dumpty” and DD knows more about baseball than I do? I’m not sayin. I’m just sayin.

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