Not Good! Tigers Fall to Padres 5-1, lose series

The supposedly light hitting Padres got to Max for four earned and beat the Tigers 5-1 this afternoon.

Despite striking out 10, Scherzer only lasted five innings then turned it over to the bullpen.

Max didn’t get much help from the offense either.

The Good:

  • Max struck out 10
  • Phil Coke pitched a clean, 1-2-3 sixth inning.
  • Rajai Davis had two more hits.
  • The Amazing Al struck out Chris Denorfia, the only batter he faced, to end the 7th.
  • Joba Chamberlain pitched a scoreless 8th striking out 2.

The Bad:

  • Miggy was 0-4
  • Ajax was 0-3 with three strikeouts
  • The Tigers could only push across one run

The Ugly:

  • Miggy grounded into a double play in the 8th after Torii Hunter lead of with a walk.
  • Miggy is struggling, big time
  • The Tigers lost the series and finished the road trip 2-3.

The Tigers come home this week to meet the Tribe and the Angels.  I hope they can turn around their struggles against the Angels.  They need a big home stand.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural


5 thoughts on “Not Good! Tigers Fall to Padres 5-1, lose series

  1. The title say’s it all….I liked Joba….OK with Coke…and even though Krol gave up a big fly he came back and closed the door. Onward to winter ball!

  2. Worst I’ve seen Max in almost 2 years, against the weakest hitting team we’ll see all year. Their Friday lineup had only 2 guys hitting over 200. Miggy looks awful at the plate. Never seen him swing and miss so much. With the cold coming this week and return of night baseball, I expect the bats will go colder for a bit. Given what they’ve done this past week that’s not good. Hope the starting pitching gets better this week.

  3. Well it’s early so we won’t panic……..we will just pretend we turned down the most money we have ever seen in our life and realized a week later that all that money went to some position player….so now you realize that you are going to be somewhere else next year and maybe you screwed up and the worms get in your brain. So five days later we shall see and five days after that and I hope I am so wrong……..

    • I hope you’re wrong too! I still can’t believe he turned down the money the Tigers offered him. How much more does he think he can get? It’s his career but I think Max made a big gamble. He put about $30 million on the pass line. Too rich for my blood but I’m not him.

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