Trust in Dave Dombrowski

From Hat Tip Nebraska

One of the most difficult things to do in baseball — right after “squarely hit a round ball with a round bat” — is to achieve a consensus. Baseball men rarely all agree, which is why, more than 40 years after the designated hitter was first instituted, one league uses the DH and one league doesn’t. Pick a topic — bunting, Pete Rose, Bull Durham vs. Major League — and you’ll find people lining up on both sides.

Once in a while, however, everyone will agree. It happened this winter, when every front-office type, journalist, and peanut vendor shared the same reaction at the same time: “The Tigers traded Doug Fister for what?” A few months later, the same choir sang a different chorus: “The Tigers gave Miguel Cabrera how much money?” If you judge a team’s moves by the industry’s reaction, you probably think the Tigers had the worst offseason in baseball.

Trust in Dave Dombrowski.

I have to admit, I’ve been skeptical of Double D.  But Grantland says I’m wrong.

It won’t be the first time.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

5 thoughts on “Trust in Dave Dombrowski

  1. If you have a chance to read the full article the #’s are pretty compelling…….(and yes I understand the thing about the ring and Detroit) “The farther backward you will look the farther forward you can see” Winston Churchill

  2. Hard to argue with some of the thefts he has pulled off. While those are nice items to have on the resume, there is one huge diamond missing – the title! He has been afforded a very generous budget to work with, and as that starts to dwindle his real expertise will be under the microscope.

  3. Well I think DD has street cred………wooda shodda kuda Expo’s? No one will ever know. He has a diamond to his credit…..just not the one we want (yet). I went to a dinner this winter where DD was a speaker. There was a #’s guy spoke b4 him who made mention of the pitching change the MANAGER made b4 the Big P smacked the ball and what the #’s said if he hadn’t made the change. My point….EVERYONE needs to execute to make it work and thinking back to the last WS I saw in Comerica I am not so sure I saw a team ready to play and that goes back to coaching. Did they take the opposition so lightly that when a Prince Fielder body double comes up and hits early in game one they just fell apart. I am never going to know. New manager new year we shall see. I will bet as beat up as the Wings are they don’t go 4 & out and IMHO that goes back to coaching. The more I think about it I am not so sure about how the “gift” was handled………. I know it’s to cold to go to baseball tonight. Hindsight is neat stuff.

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