Chase Field Visit

I’m in the Phoenix area for work.  Last night, I went to Chase Field and took in the Diamondbacks and Rockies game.

The highlight of the game was Troy Tulowitzki’s two run homer in the 6th.

Chase Field
Walking into Chase field 4/29/2014

If were a Diamondbacks fan, I’d be screaming about the Dbacks having the bases loaded with nobody out in the bottom of the sixth, and failing to score a run.  But I’m not.  So I won’t.  But I’ve been there before.

Paul Goldschmidt
Paul Goldschmidt – Chase Field scoreboard

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

One thought on “Chase Field Visit

  1. I was there a decade back in the summer the dome was closed and they were flying drones with ads little b4 their time. See any of them? I got tics behind the plate had in seat service took your order turned to the concession pressed a button and someone brought it down. Went to Bondurant driving school fun trip. Check out the school!

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