Tigers 9 Royals 4

The Tigers swept the weekend series with the Royals.  They got good starting pitching and the offense exploded, scoring 26 runs in three games.

I really like this new look offense.  I know it’s early but we really aren’t seeing the huge swings like we have the last few years.  The ability to, as Nebraska says, getem on, getem over and getem in is nice to watch.

Ok, so I have to complain a little.  JV got the win but I don’t like the three earned runs surrendered in seven innings. Extrapolated over nine innings, that’s a 3.86 ERA, which is good, but not for Justin Verlander.

The Good:

  • The offense is smokin balls!, Davis, Hunter and Romine each had three hits. Could Romine be the solution at short?  He looks like it. Again, it’s early.
  • Hunter and Romine had three RBIs each and Miggy had two.
  • Castellanos had a home run on his only hit.  I like what I see so far out of Castellanos but I’d like to see his average over .250.
  • 16 hits
  • No errors.

The Bad:

  • The Amazing Al gave up a run on two hits in the ninth.
  • OK, I’m nitpicking, but the three runs given up by JV I’m classifying as not good.

The Ugly:

  • Nothing ugly most of this series

Houston comes to Comerica tonight with Max on the hill.

I’ll be in Vegas this weekend so if you want any bets, you know how to get in touch with me.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural.

3 thoughts on “Tigers 9 Royals 4

  1. Tigers take Jordan Lennerton off 40 man roster Monday. Guess we know who didn’t go today…must make another move tomorrow…….any bets?

    • Do think Coke is gone? It seems logical. He has been bad for over a year now. I hate to see him go but he can’t get anybody out.

  2. Well yes and no…..there is an article in the Detroit News that puts forth the proposition that…….not right now It’s complicated check it out and see what you think. He still has rope however he keeps tying the knot. So I suspect Ray comes up makes two starts and if he looks fair/good stays in the pen to marinate(Remember what you heard DD say this winter?) we bring in one more arm JH or whomever and good night Phil in the interim if his performance turns up he buys time and if it goes down lights out!

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