Tigers take first two games against Royals

The Tigers have looked very good in taking the first two games of the weekend series against the Royals in Kansas City.

Last night, Freeway Rick, pitched seven complete innings.  He allowed two earned, struck out 6 and walked none.  The Tigers offense got him eight runs, and the bullpen, Krol and Reed, finished the game.  The Tigers won 8-2.

Tonight, Drew Smyly pitched seven complete, scoreless innings, the offense followed up last nights outburst with nine more runs tonight.  The Tigers won 9-2.

I’m seeing a nice recipe for success.  Strong starting pitching and a new look offense.

I’m getting more encouraged regarding the Tigers offense this year.  As, Eric Karros pointed out on the broadcast this evening, the Tigers aren’t standing around waiting for a three run homer to score.

A great example of this new, Tigers, offense was how they scored their first run.  In the fourth inning, the bases were loaded with Miggy on third, and one out. Castellanos hit a shallow fly ball to gold glove, left fielder Alex Gordon.  Gordon made the catch.  To the astonishment of everybody watching, Miggy tagged up and went home.  Gordon had flipped the ball to the infielder and by the time the ball was relayed to the plate, Miggy scored easily.

It worked this time and I like the new look, but given that situation again, I wouldn’t recommend a second try.

The only sour note of the fist two games was Phil Coke’s ninth inning tonight.  He came in with a 9-0 run lead and gave up two runs.  The most worrisome part of Coke’s pitching was that he got hit hard by left handers.  He gave up a single to Nori Aoki, a double to Eric Hosmer and a double to Alex Gordon.

In Phil’s defense, I thought he struck out Aoki but didn’t get the call.  I guess that how things go when you’re running bad.  If Coke is going to be of any value in the future however, he needs to get lefties out.

JV goes for the sweep tomorrow.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

2 thoughts on “Tigers take first two games against Royals

  1. Well as much as I like 9 runs…the Royals D did not help themselves tonight. Dropped a ball behind first base led to a run. As you pointed out did not make a throw led to Miggys run. Aoki did not make a great play……….anyway we go em on got em over got em in and played D. We did some little things right and took advantage of the mistakes and got a W. Very good! Joba did what he should and looks more like a bargin. (I hope) Coke MUST be done there must be something to do with the 40 man. I don’t know what it is…however it is a W over the guys we need to beat And we don’t live by the 3 run homer but we can still hit em. (Really) What’s not to like?

  2. I’m more and more starting to wonder if KC’s window is already quickly closing. Their hot shots are still not producing anything yet, and they do not seem like a viable threat to the Tigs – at this early juncture. How about Ricky P? Quickly he has become the #3. True, KC cannot hit anything, but he beat Bal and LAA…. Miggy has hit some balls pretty hard in this series, so the warmer weather is probably helping some…. Forget about Coke – he won’t be here tip the end. I agree, it probably has something to do with the roster, but I can’t see any value in keeping him beyond early June… Someone better will pop up soon, I thought maybe Blaine Hardy at Toledo but his stats aren’t very good… But seriously anyone that can’t get that Aoki piece of crap out shouldn’t be pitching in MLB… It was nice to see Avila wake up from the friendly competition brought on by Holaday…
    Wondering if anyone knows who the guy is in the gold Tiger-stripe blazer and black cowboy hat? He attends all of the Tigers road games and sits in good seats near the field. Quite often he can be seen in camera view. Has a blonde woman with him, and even Mario and Rod have mentioned him. Check for him tomorrow as we go for the sweep…

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