TIgers win 6th in a row beat Astros 2-0

The Tigers got excellent pitching and just enough offense to beat the Astros and Jarred Cosart 2-0 at Comerica Park.

The Good:

  • Max was smokin balls.  He pitched eight complete allowed no runs, on three hits, walked one and struck out nine.
  • Nathan got his sixth save.
  • The Tigers won their sixth in a row.
  • Vmart came up big with a solo shot in the eight to give Nathan and Scherzer a two run cushion.

The Bad:

  • The Tigers were baffled, for the most part, by Jarred Cozart but after their 26 run out burst over the weekend we’ll take it.
  • The Tigers managed only six hits.
  • VMart got caught looking for the first time in almost a year.

The Ugly:

  • After looking like he was retuning to form, Miggy looked bad tonight at the plate.  He was 0-4 with a K and really didn’t have many good swings.

A win is a win and the Tigers found a way to get it done.  I can’t complain about six in a row.

I’m looking forward to Robby Ray’s start tomorrow.  The Tigers, and especially Dave Dombrowski, really think a lot of this kid.  Let’s see what he’s got.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

5 thoughts on “TIgers win 6th in a row beat Astros 2-0

  1. I am scared to say this…..however when Miggy came up at third yesterday he looked “funny” hope I am wrong. Avila threw out 3 runners yea 3. Don’t know what to make of Cosart. Pitch count was great …National League pitcher early season haven’t seen him no book on him or trap game against team with -record? I know tomorrow we see pitchers no one knows. Should be FUN!

    • I didn’t realize A Squared Money threw out three base runners. That definitely belongs under “The Good:”. It is hard for me to listen to the entire game. I’m on the west coast so home games start 4:30 here and I don’t leave work until 6:30 or 7:00 pm PST.

  2. After some consideration a little thing that may be a big thing as time goes on. Nick C went into the seats to make the final out. Some of his glove work has been a bit of an adventure. Let’s see how much that helps?

  3. Max is pitching like he is motivated to get that big payout… That is a good thing if you’re the Tigers.. Wondering if they purposely low-balled him to avoid the poor performance that always seems to follow the big signing.. They can still go after him in the off-season, but a lot depends on the kid pitching tonight.. Miggy in my opinion is still recovering from surgery and the affect the end of last season had on his timing. No power and he is often swinging at bad pitches. Once he breaks out of this I expect he will wreak vengeance on the AL pitchers..

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