Tigers Sweep Orioles with 7-5 Victory,,,

which is a good thing.  I’ve been delinquent with my game analysis because I’m suffering from debilitating back pain. It makes it very hard for me to sit behind my computer for more than a few minutes at a time.  In fact, I had a major ordeal just getting back home so I can see a doctor..

That being said,  I have been able to listen to the games on my iPhone, my third favorite gadget behind my iPad and satellites radio, and JV is starting to piss me off.  He gave up five runs today and from what I can tell the majority of the runs came off of hanging breaking balls.  If he can’t throw that pitch decently, perhaps he needs to scrap it or throw it less; MUCH LESS.

On another note, JV’s real trouble started with two out in the fifth.  With David Lough at first it looked, and sounded like, Verlander struck out Machado and the inning should have been over. Unfortunately, home plate umpire, John Tumpane, decided to change the strike zone.  JV walked Machado on what had been a strike all day long, and before we knew it, the O’s had put five on the board.

OK, I’m in a pissy mood but if a pitch is getting hammered why keep throwing it?  Is it just hubris?  It didn’t cost the Tigers today but JV better get his head out of his ass before it becomes costly.

Like I said, I’m in pain and in a mood but I’m happy for the win!

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural


3 thoughts on “Tigers Sweep Orioles with 7-5 Victory,,,

  1. Well he had to get to the Bruins game to hang with Kate. Don’t quite know what to make of that inning just don’t….however in my world he gets points for Nelson Cruz. I think we learn some stuff this weekend!

  2. Hope you get better soon… The Tigers 2014 are starting to remind me of the 1984 version. The hits from Holaday and Worth today made me think of Rusty Kuntz and Marty Castillo from that team. And the starting pitching has been very good, except in my opinion JV has been very average.. The combination of good starting pitching, a lock-down closer, and just enough offense will easily win this division. All with continued good health of the starters not named Sanchez. Not to mention they seem to be playing with a certain edge, or even a small chip on the shoulder.. Should be a good weekend in Boston.

  3. Something I didn’t put in perspective until brought to my attention by Chris Lott clott@mlive.com is this. When JV threw behind Cruz umpire John Tumpane called the play dead to issue warnings….while Avila was still chasing the “wild” pitch and Chris Davis had every right to run from first to third and Avila had every right to throw at some base. Game changer? Reviewable? Some questions you don’t get answered..for what it’s worth

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