Indians 6 Tigers 2

Ok, so, that 1984 euphoric feeling is fading just a little.  What bothered me most about tonight’s game was JV.  He’s the Tigers Ace.  And we needed him to be a stopper tonight.  After a rough outing from Smyly last night, the Tigers needed seven strong innings from JV but didn’t even get a quality start.

What makes this more troubling is this is JV’s third non-quality start in a row.

The offense doesn’t get a free pass for tonight either.  They squandered chances to cash in runs mostly by grounding into three double plays.

So, eight games in to the road trip, the Tigers are 6-2, not bad, but avoiding a sweep tomorrow afternoon would go a long way to regaining the warm and fuzzies.

Also, I thought the strike zone was an abomination for both pitchers.  Before Verlander even took the mound I was complaining to Nebraska that home plate umpire, Gabe Morales, was squeezing Trevor Bauer.

Let’s hope Max can be the stopper.

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural

5 thoughts on “Indians 6 Tigers 2

  1. As I am normally the pessimist, I will try to calm the waters a little. Yes JV was horrible today, and almost every start this year (too many walks). Not to give him a pass, but he is a few weeks/months removed from the hernia surgery, and like Miggy I don’t think he has his legs under him yet. A few more rough outings and we can be worried, but hopefully these types of games will place that chip firmly back on his shoulder.. Today was almost a given the travel issues would catch up to them.. Also, I think they sort of hit the top of the mountain on Sunday with the sweep of Boston.. This series has been a letdown for sure. As we all remember, in 1984 the Tigers were swept by Seattle after the 35-5 start. A correction is always inevitable and we hit ours in this series. Combine with Cleveland playing for their very existence and we have this result.. Tomorrow would be a big statement if we can salvage one.. On the bright side, at least we can stop the debate about S Drew. And did I mention Cleveland Blows!


      In fact, I still feel bad about how hard I was on Victor last year until he got it together in June.

      I’m struggling with a bad back right now and it makes me appreciate how hard it must be for these guys to heal from major injuries and return to top form. I’m with you, JV gets a pass.

      For now. 🙂

  2. Well Sark I think we are all in agreement…..PROPS TO YOU! I as well had let the JV surgery slip while watching Miggy. So I will take a breath and quit playing “Panic in Detroit” On another note it’s just coincidental that SS Eugenio Suarez moves from AA to AAA on the same day Drew signs

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