The Tigers lost their fifth of their last six games and looked like a complete and utter pile of shit doing it. This game was a national embarrassment.

For 3 and 2/3 Freeway Ricky looked like the pitcher I thought he was. Then he completely fell apart and fell in line with the rest of his his rotation mates their last time through, save Sanchez.

Add to the the 2003-esq pitching, horrible defense, terrible base running and a tad bit of bad luck and you have the elements of this afternoon’s game.  The Tigers BLEW!!!!

To Torii Hunter: Nobody thinks your stupid deke moves are cute.  Get your head out of your old, bald, fat ass and run down balls in the outfield.  You JACKASS!!!!!

To the officials scorer: Explain how Austin Jackson wasn’t charged with an error in the sixth inning. Please.  I don’t give a shit how far he had to run for Moreland’s ball, he caught up with it, the ball was chest high and it hit him in the glove.  THAT IS A AN ERROR!!!!!!!  JACKASS!!!!!!

I’m glad I didn’t make it to the ballpark for this one.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

One thought on “I HATE THEM!

  1. Chris’s, I couldn’t agree more.. Of all the losses on the season this was by far the worst.. They did absolutely nothing right and deserved exactly what they got.. No clutch hitting, bad base running, horrible defense, and a bad 4th inning by RP. He’s leaving a lot of 2-strike pitches up and in the hitting zone, and even minor league teams like Texas can hit those.. Just a bad awful game to watch.. And yes, AJ should have been charged with an error, and the Hunter deke will never fool anyone when there are TWO OUTS! Add to that the botched rundown by Miggy, and several missed double plays. Imagine how much worse it would have been without winning the 2 challenges? Not sure what to expect tomorrow…

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