Take a deep breath…

this is a 162 game season and the Tigers are going through a rough patch.  It’s concerning because the slump began with Smyly’s start last Monday and continued through the rotation, with the exception of Sanchez, and extended through Smyly’s start yesterday.

This is a rare instance when I’m going to stick up for the offense.  It has to be demoralizing to come to the plate and be down four runs in the first or second inning.

Here’s my remedy to end this streak:

  • The offense has to score early
  • One person on the staff has to step up, starter or reliever
  • Romine has to go at short.  His fielding is an abomination.  I’m not sure Worth is any better but Romine has been embarrassing.  On that note, Castellanos isn’t looking good defensively either.
  • I won’t mention Hunter again.  Yet.

Simple right?

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural.


2 thoughts on “Take a deep breath…

  1. It’s going to be tough to pull out of this on the west coast. Oakland pitching is very good, and unless our starters can match theirs we probably won’t do well. Seattle might be easier if we miss King Felix, but we usually don’t play well there either.

  2. Sark I agree there are Saber metrics people that will show you #’s that Oakland is the best team in baseball. The Tigers still lead the central.Crippy you are right someone will step up this team won’t go 30 & 132. Question is when do they pull the nose up?

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