A Carnival of Assess…

is what this Tigers team looks like.  This is the 12th loss in their last 16 games and they have found many different ways to lose.

The Tigers just seem hopelessly out of sync.  When they hit their starting pitching is terrible.  When the starting pitching is good the offense can’t score any runs.  When the starting pitching is good and the offense scores runs, the bullpen blows up.

Every night they find a way to lose.  It is getting frustrating and at this point it might be time to look at new solutions.

The left side of the infield is embarrassing and they have only one reliable arm out of the bullpen, that being Joba Chamberlain.

All of the sudden a team that was supposed to dominate the central is only four games up. This ship has a leak and taking on water quickly.

I hope someone can find a way to plug the holes and bail the water.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The natural

One thought on “A Carnival of Assess…

  1. Bases loaded and no outs – and didn’t even get the ball out of the infield.. What I considered a mini slump just a few days ago is now a full blown collapse. This team (if you can call it that) is playing horrible baseball at home, pretty much all year except for opening week. It’s time to confess, the guys that needed (and were expected) to have bounce-back years in order for this offense to click, have bombed. That includes Jackson and Avila. Yes, AA hits some and gets walks, but he isn’t driving the ball or knocking in runs. And Jackson is hitting in the low 230’s. Hunter is down to 260, and Davis can’t stop swinging at bad pitches. Nick C is getting hits, but also not driving the ball and knocking in runs. Even Kinsler has hit the wall. SS is the least of our problems, and yet they brought up some kid from AA, where even the coaches have said his defense needs a lot of work. He’ll get exposed and his trade value will drop.. Sadly, the Tigers are still in first place by 4 or so games. But even that story is getting old.. 1/3 into the season and they are already too hard to watch anymore..

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