Blue Jays 5 Tigers 3

This one may surprise you but I’m not putting this one on Joe Nathan.  I’m not a big fan of his and he did pitch himself into a jam in the 9th but he also pitched well enough to get out of it.  This one belongs to Andrew Romine.

What in the sam hell was he doing on the ground ball Bautista hit?  Can someone please explain why he stutter stepped?  Who did he think was supposed to field the ball.

Tigers fans we have a problem.  The left side of the infield is horrible.  Romine and Castellanos besides not fielding aren’t doing anything at the plate either.

I guess the good news is that Anibal Sanchez has established himself as the ace of this staff.  Over this abominable two week stretch, I think the Tigers have gotten four quality starts.  Three of them are from Sanchez who was absolutely smokin balls!  He shut out the Jays for seven innings?  With the way they’ve been hitting?  He looks like JV did during his Cy Young year.

Joba was good again tonight, but besides him, is there anyone the Tigers can count on out of the pen?

This thing is a mess!

“God I love baseball.” -Roy Hobbs | The Natural


2 thoughts on “Blue Jays 5 Tigers 3

  1. Well Romine didn’t walk the #9 hitter..quote of the day “Joe Nathan still a Tiger killer after all these years” BTW Nats park much nicer than Philly

    • You are correct on both counts. Nats park is beautiful. and the atmosphere is much better than Philly too. Also, Nathan did pitch himself into trouble. But he made pitches to get out of it but his defense couldn’t make the play.

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