Twins 2 Tigers 0

The Tigers couldn’t consolidate yesterday’s win.

They got the pitching but couldn’t push across a single run.

Basically, the game was decided in bottom of the fifth, when Miggy bounced into a double play, with the bases loaded and one out.

I’m not even going to complain about Nathan, who walked in the second run in the ninth. Suarez made an error and gave the Twins an extra out. Nathan wasn’t good but didn’t get any help from the defense.

I guess that’s the way things go when a team is running bad.

This team is out of sync and finds ways to lose instead of finding ways to win.

4:00 pm start tomorrow.

“God I love baseball.” Roy Hobbs | The Natural

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3 thoughts on “Twins 2 Tigers 0

  1. Lethargic… That’s all I can say about tonight, and in general… They only seem to play well when motivated by a challenge – such as facing Sale yesterday… This is a recipe for disaster if they continue to take these weaker teams lightly… Looking more like 2008 than 1984.. Since I’ve been hard on Ausmus this week I’ll continue.. Not sure why he emptied his bench in one single inning?? Pinch running for AA on second base was curious, but pinch-hitting Hunter and not putting him in for DK was also curious… Bringing in Nathan was simply stupid… AA threw 12 pitches in the 7th, Joba 5 pitches in the 8th… Nathan 29 pitches to get 2 outs… Yes there was an error, but he walked the 7th hitter, hit the 8th hitter, and walked the 9th hitter… WTF??? When Coke has to come in and clean up your mess something is wrong… I feel very badly for the season ticket holders to pay big money to watch this garbage…

  2. Sark curious is the correct term especially in a one run game. Yeah someone better tell them the guys on the other side of the ball get a paycheck too. WTF….by my calcuactions for the $20M we gave @JoeNathan36 we could have gotten Farnsworth to close bought 3M beers and got the same performance. Phil Coke for president!

  3. Ausmus is bad. I really can’t defend him. Just like two nights ago allowing JV to stay in but not having a righty warming up in the pen.

    It is hard for me to blame any pitcher when errors are made behind them. It is hard enough to get three outs. But you’re right Sark, WTF with the walks.

    Actually, in the month of June, Coke has been pretty good. I hope he turns it around. But one thing yesterday that really concerned me was that the offense didn’t seem to care. I hope I’m wrong but that’s what it looked like.

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