Max Stops The Bleeding

Let’s hope it isn’t a band aide on a hemorrhage.

There’s no other way to say it, Max was smokin balls! Not only did he get the win but he got his first complete game as well.

The Tigers finally got an Ace to beat an Ace. Chris Sale was good but Max was better.

Is Bryan Holaday the number two catcher?

“God I love baseball.” – Roy Hobbs ! The Natural


2 thoughts on “Max Stops The Bleeding

  1. Funny how Max and JV throw at the same velocity, yet Max gets swings and misses, and JV gets foul balls. He is clearly the ace of the staff now and maybe this will light a fire under JV – though I doubt it…. Same goes for Holiday/Avila.. BH is the more polished hitter for sure and I don’t notice a huge drop off in defense. If AA wasn’t a LH bat he probably wouldn’t be a starting catcher.

  2. Sark I thought almost the same thing about AA last night. As for JV well I am with Crippy “stuff” don’t count just W & L. We have seen these guys win what’s the deal? Did them league figure something out or did they just read to much of their own press?

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